Drinking astragalus water often, why do people lose weight? The side effects of astragalus water should be taken seriously

Introduction: The nutritional value and health care function of Astragalus membranaceus is very good. Whether you take Astragalus membranaceus or drink Astragalus membranaceus soaked in water, it can replenish qi and blood for the body, especially for Chest tightness has a very good therapeutic effect.

Astragalus tastes very good, sweet in the mouth and not like other Chinese herbs, hard to swallow, bitter Needless to say, the price of astragalus is relatively cheap and cost-effective.

Astragalus has a low probability of adverse reactions, so it is liked by many people. Astragalus is mostly used for physical failure, pulse And patients with weak pulse often drink astragalus soaked in water, which can bring many benefits to the body.

But some people say that they often drink astragalus soaked in water and find that their body is getting thinner and thinner. What is the reason? Does astragalus also have a weight loss effect? Then let’s share it with you here.


Influence and effect of drinking astragalus soaked in water on the body

1. Two-way regulation of blood sugar: Astragalus soaked in water can help lower blood sugar and reduce hypoglycemia caused by metformin and insulin.

2. Eliminate edema: Astragalus soaked in water helps promote metabolism, thereby improving the body’s urination function, which can be used for Relieve symptoms such as dysuria and edema.

3. Liver protection: Astragalus soaked in water can help the liver detoxify and cleanse the liver better, protect the liver, and protect the liver. It can prevent liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

4. Heart protection: Astragalus has the functions of lowering blood pressure, strengthening the heart, anti-arrhythmia, and protecting the cardiovascular system Therefore, it is very suitable for people with poor cardiovascular system. Ordinary people can also prevent cardiovascular diseases by drinking astragalus soaked in water.

5. Lowering blood fat: Drinking astragalus soaked in water can reduce the accumulation of fat on the blood vessel wall, thereby effectively reducing blood fat , can be used to prevent hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Why do people lose weight after drinking astragalus water?

Detumescence effect, after drinking astragalus soaked in water, the water loss rate of normal people’s body water and body fluid balance will be accelerated, so you will find that your weight is getting lighter and lighter.

But I hope you don’t lose weight by drinking astragalus soaked in water, because astragalus will not lose weight, after a period of time Restoring weight will come back, so there will be no weight loss effect at all.

That is to say, drinking astragalus soaked in water will not lose weight, it will only lead to loss of body fluids, and astragalus belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, It can only be used to treat diseases. Drinking Astragalus soaked in water should strictly respect the doctor’s instructions and suggestions, and don’t blindly or abuse Astragalus.


Doctor: The side effects of astragalus water should be taken seriously< /strong>

1. Leading to delayed disease treatment

Cold in winter and spring, Most of them are caused by external diseases. Astragalus is a kind of medicine that can strengthen the surface. Usually taking Astragalus can prevent the invasion of external diseases. However, if you take Astragalus when you have a cold, you will not be able to vent external pathogens. This has a certain impact on the treatment of colds and delays the disease. treat.

2, resulting inabnormal brain blood supply< /strong>

Drinking astragalus soaked in water for a long time can easily lead to abnormal blood supply to the brain, dizziness, memory loss and a series of discomforts disease.

3, resulting in getting angry

Drinking astragalus soaked in water for a long time can also easily lead to getting angry, which will cause patients to get angry easily, upset, temper Irritability, mainly manifested in a series of conditions such as blushing and anxiety, and even memory loss, because excessive doses of astragalus lead to problems in blood supply to the brain.

4 、causing kidney toxicity

Kidney disease belongs to yin deficiency, if Using Astragalus to treat damp-heat poison will cause toxic side effects. At this time, Astragalus should not be taken. Because Astragalus is sweet and warm, taking Huangpi is helpful for patients with yin deficiency, and it is easy to damage the circulation of yin and blood. Patients with damp-heat poison are prone to pathogenic factors. Stagnation, exacerbation of the condition.

5, resulting ininflammation

Drinking astragalus soaked in water may lead to increased inflammation in the body, especially when the previous related inflammation is not well controlled, For example, urinary tract infection pneumonia, etc., if you take astragalus soaked in water after fever, it will lead to aggravated inflammation.