Dandelion can kill 98% of cancer cells, is it science or rumor? After reading it, I have gained knowledge

Speaking of dandelions, I believe most people have seen them, especially in the fields. Floating around.

The ancient medical scholars have never given up the research on the medicinal value of dandelion, and in many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions , There are also dandelions.

Now medical science shows that dandelion has high medicinal value, and many people use dandelion to soak in their daily life Drink water, especially dandelion, which is also known as the queen of herbs. Some people say that dandelion can eliminate 98% of cancer cells in the body. Is there any basis for this?


Dandelion can kill 98% of cancer cells, is it science or rumor?

Dandelion roots soaked in water can kill 98% within 48 hours Cancer cells, this statement is not groundless, in fact, this news first came from a paper published in Canada in 2016.

Pandey pointed out in the paper that dandelion root extract can quickly activate the protease familyCaspase-8 , so that pancreatic tumors, leukemia cancer cells apoptosis.

But this does not mean that the extract of dandelion root can be used as a drug to treat cancer. In fact, it was found in the research that dandelion kills The effect of killing cancer cells has reached 98%, but this is in the experimental environment, and there are differences in the environment of the human body.

The spread of cancer cells in advanced cancer patients is particularly difficult to find lesions, and it is difficult to achieve the idea of ​​​​killing cancer cells through dandelions.

Now some similar studies have found that Ganoderma lucidum, garlic, and resveratrol in red wine can also resist cancer, but these studies were not actually tested in humans.


The medicinal value of dandelion

Dandelion is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with both medicine and food, which can regulate and improve various diseases, especially it is also recorded in some medical books.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dandelion is sweet in taste and cold in nature. The Liver and Stomach meridians can diuresis and relieve stranguria, reduce swelling and dissipate stagnation, clear away heat and detoxify, especially in improving hot stranguria and astringent pain, damp-heat jaundice, and oropharyngeal swelling and pain.

According to modern pharmacological research, the active ingredients of dandelion were extracted, and it was found that there are many medicinal ingredients in it, such as carotene , polysaccharides, flavonoids, phenolic acids, triterpenes, phytosterols, coumarins and other active ingredients.

These active ingredients have pharmacological activities in clearing heat and detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, and scavenging free radicals. It was found in the research that dandelion It has inhibitory effect on various bacteria and viruses.

Dandelion also has a certain effect in repairing gastric mucosal damage and treating chronic gastritis. At the same time, dandelion can also clear stomach fire.< /p>

In vitro drug experiments show that dandelion can significantly improve the transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes and enhance the body’s immunity.

Dandelion is also a good prescription for clearing away heat and detoxification, especially for clearing the liver and improving eyesight. It has a good effect in improving liver fire, red eyes, swelling and pain. In addition, dandelion can also improve the urinary tract Infection, choleretic, diuretic and stranguria.

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It is good to soak dandelions in water, but these three types of people try to Don’t drink

Women in a special period

Because dandelion has blood coagulation effect, for women, it is not allowed to soak in water to drink during menstruation, otherwise it will cause blood stagnation, which is not conducive to the operation of Qi and blood, and will also cause The problem of dysmenorrhea is aggravated; for pregnant women, dandelion can benefit the descending, and taking a large amount can cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

Spleen and stomach deficiency

Dandelion is a heat-clearing medicine. For some people with spleen and stomach deficiency and yang deficiency and external cold constitution, soaking dandelion in water will stimulate the stomach and easily cause diarrhea , Abdominal pain and other adverse symptoms can also cause aggravation of the condition.


Dandelion is a herb, for allergic constitution, it will cause chills after taking dandelion , Pale, purple complexion, etc., and some people have itchy throat, pain, etc.