What are the symptoms of heavy humidity? 4 symptoms suggest that your body is too humid

Heavy dampness is a problem that many people have encountered, but many people do not know what is the cause of heavy dampness. Moisture has always existed in our body, which will cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. In severe cases, it will lead to Diseases appear, what are the specific symptoms? Many foods can remove moisture, what food is good to eat?

What are the symptoms of heavy moisture

1. Heavy body and no energy

Some people are full of energy all day long, and the whole person is very energetic, but some people sleep for a long time every day I still feel that I have no energy, and I have no energy to do anything. This is caused by heavy humidity. Friends with heavy humidity basically have the feeling of premature aging, and there is no vitality.

Young people with heavy humidity, even if they are young, their condition is not as good as that of older people. In life, I always feel dizzy and swollen, my body is very tired, and I also feel that there is a heavy weight on my body. When I go out, I want to find a stool to rest, or lie in bed at home.

Second, unformed stools

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is the main organ of the body. However, if the body has symptoms of heavy dampness, and the spleen function cannot carry more dampness, there will be accumulation of dampness. People with heavy dampness expel feces that are not formed, and the stools are easy to stick. In terms of diet, you should eat more. bland food.

Third, no appetite and indigestion

Dampness will affect the function of the spleen and stomach first. Once the operation of the spleen and stomach changes abnormally, it will cause appetite , Digestive problems. Seeing no desire for food and feeling bloated and indigestible means you are already very damp. In addition, it will also show bad breath, bitter taste, no taste, even do not want to speak, fullness after eating, and even distended belly.

4. Joint Pain

Compared with the above surface phenomenon, the joint pain will be more serious, because the moisture in the body has completely affected the health . After the moisture invades the joints, it is difficult to remove the moisture. The poor circulation of qi and blood in the human body makes the calf sore and heavy, and it is difficult to stretch, and even affects the daily walking.

Causes of heavy humidity

1. Inactivity< /p>

Exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism, and sweating is a form of metabolism. People who do not exercise for a long time will not be able to excrete the water in the body normally. For a long time, the moisture in the body will become heavier and heavier. Therefore, developing good exercise habits is also very beneficial to the health of the body.

2. Improper diet

Many people like to eat food with strong taste. After all, this kind of food tastes better and can stimulate appetite, but if Eating heavy food often will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, so the function of the stomach and intestines will be affected to a certain extent. If the water in the body is not metabolized outside the body, it will accumulate in the body and cause heavy moisture. Therefore, a lighter diet is beneficial to health.

3. Insufficient blood gas