The benefits of Codonopsis 4 reasons to insist on eating Codonopsis

Codonopsis is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It has a relatively good nourishing effect and can also help people to treat and prevent some diseases. Do you know what the benefits of Codonopsis are? , or soup and drinking have a certain effect, drugs basically have taboos, what are the taboos of Codonopsis?

Benefits of Codonopsis

1 .Buzhong Yiqi

Dangshen has a very good effect of invigorating the middle and benefiting qi. It is flat and sweet in nature. Compared with ginseng, which is a big tonic, its efficacy is weaker. , but its advantage is that the medicinal properties are calm, it can invigorate qi but not get angry, so taking Codonopsis pilosula can have the effect of nourishing and health care, so it is also called small ginseng.

2. Enhance immunity

Dangshen is a very nutritious medicine, it contains many It is a trace element, and also contains amino acids and polysaccharides that the human body needs. These substances can effectively increase the body’s immunity in pharmacological research and improve the ability of phagocytes. Therefore, eating Codonopsis can enhance the body’s immunity and reduce the risk of disease. invasion.

3. Nourishing and activating blood

Codonopsis can play a role in tonifying Qi, and it also has a very good effect of nourishing and activating blood. There is also a saying that there is not enough qi and blood, and Codonopsis is used to make up. This also reflects the blood-replenishing effect of Codonopsis. Pharmacological studies have shown that after the substances in Codonopsis are absorbed by the body, it can increase the number of red blood cells and increase the secretion of platelets. effect.

Therefore, people who have symptoms of anemia such as lack of energy, pale and ugly face, etc., can take Codonopsis pilosula to nourish blood and improve their complexion.

4. Protect gastric mucosa

For people suffering from gastric diseases, Codonopsis is still a medicinal material with stomach-protecting effect. The ulcer index of the stomach can reduce the degree of gastric mucosal damage, so people with gastric ulcer often eat some Codonopsis, which is helpful for the recovery of the disease.

The practice of Codonopsis

Astragalus Codonopsis and Lycium barbarum wine

Ingredients: 60 grams of Astragalus, 60 grams of Lycium barbarum, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 2L of rice wine, 60 grams of Poria, 30 grams of red dates (pitted), 40-50 grams of rock sugar.


1. Pick out all the ingredients to remove impurities and smash them with a food processor. As long as they are broken, they do not need to be powdered. Wrap them with gauze.

Ps. If it is soaked in white wine, it is fine without breaking it, because the alcohol content of white wine is high and its permeability is good.

2. Put the gauze bag into a clean, water-free and oil-free glass or ceramic container, pour rice wine, and seal it. Keep away from light. Shake the bottle every 5 days or so and drink it after a month.