If the spleen and stomach are injured, all kinds of diseases will result! 3 habits hurt the spleen and stomach the most, and a diet can help you strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen controls transport and transformation, transforming the food we eat into the subtle substances needed by the body and transporting it to the functions of the whole body. The stomach controls storage, the spleen and stomach cooperate with each other, one ascends and the other descends, and jointly undertakes the functions of accepting, digesting food and distributing nutrition. Therefore, in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach have the title of the official of the warehouse.

In addition, the spleen is the foundation of the acquired nature and the source of qi and blood biochemistry. The continuation of human life activities and the metaplasia and enrichment of essence, qi, blood and body fluid all depend on the physiological function of the spleen to govern the transportation and transformation.

If the spleen and stomach are damaged, all organs of the body will be implicated, resulting in a series of diseases or sub-health states.

6 kinds of abnormal physical manifestations may be caused by damage to the spleen and stomach

1, drooling strong>: The spleen is salivation, generally lack of temper, drooling, especially when sleeping, it is easier to “salivate”.

2. Sores on the corners of the mouth: Excessive stomach fire can also cause sores on the corners of the mouth, oral ulcers and other symptoms.

3. There are teeth marks on the edge of the tongue, and the tongue coating is white, which may be due to spleen deficiency and dampness

4. The complexion is chlorotic: Deficiency of the spleen leads to abnormal transportation and transformation, and insufficient biochemical qi and blood, then symptoms such as mental fatigue, lack of energy, and sallow complexion will appear.

5. Dry mouth and lips, bad breath: The spleen is abnormally transported and transformed, resulting in indigestion of the food you eat, so it is easy to produce bad breath.

6. Heavy dampness: Deficiency of the spleen is easy to generate dampness, and heavy dampness will lead to unformed stools, sticking to the toilet, lack of food, abdominal distension, and facial oil.

The spleen and stomach are damaged, there are three main reasons

1. Poor diet< /p>

A person who eats a lot, who doesn’t know what it’s like to be full, never leaves the body with snacks, and the spleen and stomach are overloaded, resulting in damage to the spleen and stomach.

I like to eat sweets and fried foods, which are fat, sweet, thick and greasy and slow down the qi.

I like to drink cold drinks. Excessive intake of cold and cold foods will seriously deplete the yang qi of the spleen and stomach, resulting in deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Eating too fast, devoured the rice without knowing the taste of rice, you must know that not chewing enough will not only increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, but also the digestive juices cannot be secreted in time, resulting in damage to the spleen and stomach.

I don’t like to eat breakfast. If I don’t eat breakfast, it will easily affect the secretion of bile, which will inevitably affect the spleen and stomach for a long time.

Excessive intake of dinner and more at night will not only affect the transportation and transformation functions of the spleen and stomach, but also be unfavorable for sleep.

2. Improper medication

For middle-aged and elderly people, many people have long-term need to take. Improper medication can easily damage the spleen and stomach. In addition, some people have some minor problems. They do not prescribe the medicine for the symptom. They prescribe and buy the medicine themselves, but the result is counterproductive.

3. Comprehensive factors

Sedentary time and less movement can hurt the flesh and the spleen. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen controls the muscles and limbs. If you sit still for a long time, the spleen and stomach lack peristalsis, and the food you eat will accumulate in the epigastric area, causing the spleen and stomach to transport food and water. Phlegm and other evidence.

Emotional instability, damage to the liver and spleen. We often say that anger damages the liver, but anger is more than just damage to the liver. Chinese medicine believes that the liver and the wood suppress the spleen and earth. If a person’s emotions cause liver fire to flourish, it will affect the spleen’s transport and transformation function, and the spleen will lose its health.

Spleen deficiency is not only the basis for the lack of righteousness, physical weakness, decreased function, and many diseases in children and middle-aged and elderly people, but also the basis for hyperlipidemia, gout, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in modern society. and other major causes of sub-health states and metabolic diseases.

So in the usual health, the spleen should be the first. Today, Dr. Liu shared a recipe for strengthening the spleen, hoping to help you.

Millet yam and jujube porridge

Millet 100g, Huai yam 30g, jujube 5 Rice, 30 grams of brown sugar, eat with porridge

Millet has the functions of nourishing qi, nourishing spleen, and stomach, and sleeping.

Yam can nourish the spleen, nourish the stomach, promote body fluid, benefit the lungs, and benefit Kidney Qi

Jujube can invigorate the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood when consumed together. It is used to treat diarrhea due to weakness of the spleen and stomach and tonic for lack of qi and blood. It is important to note that both are polysaccharides, so they are not recommended for diabetics.

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