What are the factors related to a man’s libido? How can I tell if my libido is declining?

Men’s sexual desire is a very mysterious thing. Some people say it is an instinct, and some people say it is the most primitive reproductive instinct of human beings, which is a survival need.

Men’s sexual desires vary widely. They change every hour of the day and can even change within a minute. Some men are still lively in the first second of sex, but they may be momentarily “weak” by the other person’s words. In fact, this situation does not mean “no”, but poor psychological quality. If the situation cannot be overcome on your own, you need to seek counseling from a psychologist rather than a urologist.

There are many factors that affect sexual desire. Some people think it has something to do with testosterone levels. In fact, libido fluctuates regardless of testosterone levels unless testosterone levels are low.

The relationship between libido and stress

Many young and middle-aged men’s decreased libido is related to stress, which mainly comes from work and life. Today, the society is highly competitive. Many young and middle-aged men face the dual pressures of work and life. They need to perform various performances at work, support their families in life, and worry about their children’s education. In this case, sexual desire is severely affected, and it is estimated that few people think about sex.

The production of sexual desire requires a safe environment, and a safe environment can relax. People relax because parasympathetic nerves are excited, and there will be sexual desire, appetite and other manifestations, so that people can get full rest to supplement. Scientific diet, adequate sleep, good interpersonal relationships, good husband and wife relationships and a stable working environment can all relax, and sufficient relaxation can stimulate male libido.

Sudden loss of libido may be due to some physical problem

A sudden drop in libido mentioned here means You may have had a good libido for years, but it has recently dropped off abruptly. This sudden drop may be some disease of your body. You should go to the hospital to see a doctor for some tests, which may cause a sudden drop in sex drive. Common problems include:

①Mental symptoms such as excessive stress, depression, and anxiety are caused by various reasons.

②Erectile dysfunction is closely related to cardiovascular disease, often 3-5 years earlier than cardiovascular disease. Risk of vascular disease.

③Diabetes is also closely related to libido and erectile function, because long-term diabetes can damage a person’s blood vessels and nerves.

④The level of testosterone decreased.

⑤ Tintin disease.

⑥ Malnutrition, no appetite, what about sexual desire?


⑧ Some drugs or drugs


listed above Out of the disease directly or indirectly affect people’s libido, some are easy to find, some are not easy to find. Erectile dysfunction, for example, can certainly be found on its own, but not so easily in the case of chronic wasting diseases such as anemia, diabetes, and malignancy. As a result, libido drops in the short term. It is recommended to do some simple checks to eliminate some common diseases.

How can I tell if my libido is declining?

To determine if your libido is declining, you can roughly log all sexual activity, including handwork, over a period of time. If there is no noticeable change in your sexuality, it means that your libido has not decreased significantly.

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