What are the early manifestations of kidney cancer?

Many people are afraid that they will suffer from kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is a very unfavorable disease. Generally, there are some symptoms in the early stage of kidney cancer. These symptoms can be checked by yourself. To draw attention. The patient will experience dull pain and dull pain in the abdomen, and a lump in the waist. The patient will also have systemic symptoms, including general fatigue and weight loss.
Kidney cancer is a common cancer of the urinary system. The main patients are middle-aged and elderly people. Smoking a lot, drinking heavily, or having bad eating habits, these bad habits lead to an increasing incidence of kidney cancer. Here are some of the early symptoms of kidney cancer.

1. Pain
Kidney cancer often occurs Abdominal dull pain and dull pain are common manifestations in the early stage of kidney cancer, and are usually more obvious in the late stage. The pain in the early stage of kidney cancer can be relieved by itself, and it is not easy to find. Renal pelvic tumors only produce renal colic when hydronephrosis and hematuria occur. There will also be low back pain, which is generally due to the gradual enlargement of the tumor, which then involves the renal capsule, and also compresses the peripheral nerves and internal tissues. The pain is concentrated in the waist and abdomen. The general pain is acupuncture and dull pain. Occasionally, the blood clot will be blocked after being discharged through the ureter, and then cause severe colic. This situation is often misdiagnosed as kidney stones, and the disease will be delayed. .

2. Mass
Patients with early kidney cancer will have a lump in the waist When there is a mass, kidney cancer patients will feel a hard and uneven mass in the waist and abdomen. These circumstances indicate that the tumor volume of renal carcinoma is relatively large. Some patients also have hematuria, which is a typical symptom of kidney cancer.
3. Hematuria
There are also some patients with hematuria: it is usually a sudden hematuria visible to the naked eye, and sometimes it is also a terminal hematuria. The whole process of hematuria is usually not accompanied by pain and uncomfortable symptoms. It can manifest as intermittent attacks that can stop on their own without being noticed. The patient did not go to the hospital for examination until the condition recurred.

4. Systemic symptoms
In the early stage of kidney cancer, there will be fatigue, weight loss, and unexplained fever And edema, and appetite will also be significantly decreased. Patients will experience abdominal distension, indigestion, and occasionally nausea, vomiting, and palpable lumps in the waist. When the tumor cells grow to a certain point, lumps will appear in the waist and abdomen, which can be touched by hand. Once the tumor is adhered to the surrounding tissues, fixed, and difficult to push, this situation is mostly in the late stage.