What exactly is “blocking” in the blood vessel?

We have all heard of clogged blood vessels, and even thought that what is clogged in the blood vessels is “toxins”, is this true? It is not. There are no toxins in our blood vessels, but only metabolized substances, such as uric acid, creatinine, etc. As long as we are healthy, they can be excreted with metabolism.


blocked in our blood vessels What’s in it?

The answer is lipids. When there is too much lipid in our blood, although the blood is always flowing, it will still be deposited somewhere in the blood vessel. When there is too much accumulation in one place, It is easy to form vascular plaque, and the plaque gets bigger and bigger to block the blood vessel. Therefore, it is very important to actively control blood lipids, especially low-density lipoproteins. The cause of blood vessel blockage is the accumulation of plaque on the one hand, and vascular disease on the other hand, such as thickening and hardening of the blood vessel wall, which can easily lead to narrowing of blood vessels, which is what we call hardening of the arteries, thereby inducing coronary heart disease, etc. Cardiovascular diseases.


The blood vessels have entered the old age since the age of 30

It has been emphasized that blood vessels should be protected from a young age, and many people may not empathize with them. In fact, did you know that our blood vessels begin to age slowly after the age of 30, do you still feel that the protection of blood vessels is far away from you after seeing this? Blood vessel blockage is not formed in a day, and many factors in life will affect it. The precipitation of blood metabolites will also affect the metabolic rate, such as floating objects in the air, a large amount of oil, salt and sugar in a bad diet, sedentary, etc., which will make the body unable to metabolize excess lipids and eventually make them remain in the blood middle and clogged blood vessels.

In addition, the performance of vascular plaques can even be reflected in skin color, such as dullness, age spots, xanthomas, fatty corneal arches, etc.

Even, mood swings are one of the main causes of vascular disease. It can increase blood pressure and heart rate, thereby aggravating myocardial ischemia, or causing plaque rupture, thrombosis, and coronary artery blockage. The treatment of myocardial infarction is a race against time, attention should be paid, keep calm, rest quietly and wait for rescue.


If you touch the instep, you will know if the blood vessel is blocked?

The blood vessel blockage mentioned earlier is a process of “dropping water through the stone”, so will it have a signal? In fact, there will be two manifestations at the beginning:

First, the limbs are always cold and hard to warm up;

Second , After walking for a while, one side of the leg always hurts.

Because the human limbs are peripheral circulation, far away from the heart, when there is a problem with the blood vessel, the peripheral circulation is always prone to insufficient blood supply. We can try to touch the instep, and we can feel the pulse beating at the highest point in the center of the instep. Normal people should be able to feel it with a light touch, but when you can’t feel it after walking for a while, you should be alert to possible pulses. A blood vessel is blocked.

The above content is excerpted from Yangxinji, and I would like to express my gratitude to the original author!