The secret of staying young, do these twelve points well so that you have a good skin and look younger than your peers

Want to stay young, stay For anti-aging, in addition to daily facial maintenance, good diet and living habits are very important for the maintenance of body functions, so this article tells you 12 good anti-aging methods. Let you be ten years younger than your peers

1. Eat less white rice and more brown rice and multigrain rice

White rice will saccharify the body, cause blood sugar fluctuations, lead to the secretion of inflammatory factors, and make us look old, so we usually replace staple foods such as white rice and white noodles with coarse grains, such as oats, brown rice, millet, and quinoa Wait for replacement

If you are not used to it at the beginning, you can make two or three rice first, that is, white rice accounts for 1/2 or 1/3, and you will get used to it

This is very important for anti-aging, we must pay attention

Second, go to bed early and wake up early, sleep well Beauty sleep

Sufficient and good sleep can make the skin look better and younger, don’t stay up late, it will be very harmful to the skin

The most direct manifestation of people who stay up late is haggard complexion, acne, dark circles, irregular sleep and stress will affect endocrine metabolism and cause skin moisture loss, which will eventually lead to dull skin, aggravated dark circles, spots and acne, and enlarged pores

So if you want to have good skin, put down your phone and go to sleep early

Third, eat more good oil

such as olive oil, linseed oil, perilla oil, coconut oil, etc., eat a little every day, about 10-15ml

These good oils are rich in nutrients that can help the body detoxify, fight inflammation and fight oxidation , help beauty and beauty

For example, olive oil contains squalene, which is common in skin care products, and it is also pure natural

The natural ingredients in olive oil can eliminate facial wrinkles and prevent skin aging

The α-linolenic acid in linseed oil can resist the growth of free radicals and delay aging The role of beauty is an essential thing for women who love beauty

So, often eat good oil, often apply good oil, oil can protect your skin and keep it soft


Fourth, eat more fruits, rich in antioxidants

Eat more than 5 kinds of fruits every day, the vitamins and phytochemicals in them can help the skin resist oxidation and anti-aging

5. Eat more food that replenishes qi and blood

Your face will be rosy and shiny when you have enough qi and blood, and anemia will make your skin look pale and yellowish

It is recommended to eat more red dates, donkey-hide gelatin, beet root powder, pork liver, kudzu root powder, day lily, black beans, hair vegetables, longan, tomato, mulberry, astragalus, angelica, cherry grapes, etc. to help improve anemia and improve blood

Or often drink soups such as Wuhong soup to nourish qi and blood

Sixth, supplement collagen Protein and vitamin C,

Collagen is the main component of the skin, the dermis accounts for up to 80%, and the amount of collagen directly contains Determine the quality of the skin!

Collagen can make the skin firm, plump and elastic, reduce wrinkles, and help the skin lock in water

But women from 20 From the age of age, collagen begins to decrease and is constantly lost. Its loss will cause the skin to lose moisture, dryness, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, dull and rough skin, etc.

Ultraviolet is an invisible killer of collagen, it will steal away the inner collagen of the human body without knowing it Protein

After sun exposure, the skin first doubles the supply of collagen peptides, so that the skin can fully absorb the original collagen needed , have the elasticity and firmness of the skin for a while, lock the moisture in the skin, and return to the luster!

It can largely prevent the face from being sunburned, and the obvious lines of the law…

Therefore, supplementing collagen is very necessary to maintain a young and good skin condition

The amount of collagen needed by the skin is 200-500 Dal pause. The molecular weight of collagen required by viscera and bones is 1000-3000 daltons

Because when choosing collagen supplements here, It is best to choose collagen of 500-3000 daltons!

In addition, in order to have a significant effect on the skin, it is very important to supplement enough collagen

People under the age of 30 are recommended to supplement 5g of collagen with a purity of more than 90% every day

For people over 30+, it is recommended to supplement 5g~10g of collagen with a purity of more than 90% every day

Because when choosing raw collagen products here, you must choose a product with a single pack/bottle of less than 5g collagen

And there are no additional additives and fillers, and the formula with other antioxidant ingredients is well done

It is recommended to take daily supplements all year round, after five years Ten years later, compared with peers, the difference will not be a little bit

In addition to supplementing collagen, supplementing vitamin C is also very important

VC can not only whiten, but also restore melanin and inhibit melanin Cell proliferation can also help the body produce collagen, which is an indispensable coenzyme for the body to produce collagen, so VC is also very important for anti-aging

7 , Regular exercise

We all know that exercise can speed up blood circulation, help the body to expel toxins, improve blood, and make the skin look more rosy and shiny

8. Use less chemically synthesized skin care products

Chemically synthesized skin care products will cause certain damage to the skin, and some even It also contains hormones, which can cause various discomforts, redness, swelling and allergies on the skin. Try to use natural green products as much as possible, and the skin will be less damaged

9. Maintain a good mood and Good interpersonal relationship

A happy mood and good interpersonal relationship will make people look good and young! When you are in a good mood, your body will secrete good hormones, which are good for your health.

When you are angry, you will secrete many harmful substances, which are harmful to your skin and body functions. Try to make yourself happier

10. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection

Sun protection not only in summer, but also in summer Pay attention to all seasons, because sun exposure can cause skin photoaging

Only 20% of skin aging comes from natural aging, and the remaining 80% comes from light Aging

Photoaging will lead to an increase in the activity of tyrosinase, the increase in the number and size of melanocytes, the darkening of the skin, and the formation of dark spots…

It will also reduce skin collagen, break elastic fibers, form red blood streaks, and age cells around the eyes, etc.

Especially in summer, sun exposure is more serious, aging Faster

Dermatologists believe that more than 90% of premature skin aging is caused by improper sun exposure


Ultraviolet rays destroy the structure of collagen, accelerate the loss of collagen, and make the skin lose its original appearance The force of the elasticity will make a woman’s skin grow and irreversibly age.

It is not enough to simply apply thick sunscreen It can prevent the skin from being damaged. Sun protection needs to start from the base of the skin.

It cannot be restored after sun repair Simple whitening will bring new problems to the skin. The problems must be repaired both internally and externally to fundamentally solve skin problems after exposure to the sun and replenish collagen. Peptide is the first choice

Summary of sunscreen:

Physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen, skin care products using moisturizing sunscreen, Take collagen orally, beauty care products that inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, etc.

11. Reduce the production of free radicals in the body and resist oxidation

< p data-track="64">Oxygen aging (oxidation) is also one of the reasons for the loss of collagen, which makes us age

Our body is constantly exposed to oxygen damage, but at the same time, our body’s defense mechanism will continue to resist and repair, so that it forms a balance

But in the end, the damaged and abnormal cells grow faster than the human body can repair, so the inevitable aging…

How Reduce the generation of free radicals in this way:

Such as sun protection, less smoking and drinking, less staying up late, reducing stress… etc., change bad living habits, develop Good living habits

Eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement antioxidants, such as VC, VE, various phytochemicals carotene, Lycopene, anthocyanins, etc.

Twelve, be sure to drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is essential to maintain good skin throughout the year, especially in summer. At the same time, drinking more oil can effectively reduce water loss

​If the skin wants to be moist and shiny, it must not lack water. Without water, the skin will be dry, dull and rough, so drinking water is very important

​At the same time, the trinity of skin hydration, moisturizing and sun protection must not be missed!

​When the inside and outside have done a good job of locking water, the skin is not easy to dry out, and the skin collagen is not easy to break and cause wrinkles!