What are the books to improve emotional intelligence? Recommend a few books to improve emotional intelligence

The level of emotional intelligence depends on the sensitivity to self-senses, and through the perception of changes in one’s own emotions, and then to understand the impact of emotions on oneself, and finally to control one’s own emotions, so that one’s IQ can reach maximum utilization. Next, I will recommend a few books to improve emotional intelligence.

Books to Improve EQ

1. “High EQ and Emotional Control”

The content described in the book is all about “emotional intelligence”. Don’t think that emotional intelligence is only related to interpersonal relationships. How to control yourself internally is also part of emotional intelligence. If you can’t even control yourself, this emotion will have a connected impact on the outside world.

2. “Emotional Intelligence”

Many people think that IQ is innate, but ignore the importance of emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman believes that using breakthrough research in brain and behavioral sciences, it shows that people with high IQ perform Influencing factors for people with poor, average IQs to perform well. These factors include self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy, which are not inherent in nature, but can provide us with additional ways to increase intelligence.

3. “The Weakness of Human Nature”

After understanding the weakness of human nature, it is not Take advantage of the weaknesses of others to achieve your own goals. Instead, learn to be tolerant, learn to be compassionate, and be kind to others. Carnegie told us the truth of how to behave by telling many small stories. It helps us know ourselves and others. This is a book that can improve our emotional intelligence index.

4. “Nonviolent Communication”

“Nonviolent Communication” is 2009 A book published by Huaxia Publishing House in January, the author is Marshall Luxemburg. The famous Dr. Marshall Luxemburg discovered a way of communication, according to which talking and listening can make people communicate with each other and live in harmony. This is “non-violent communication”.

5. “The Road to Happiness”

This is the classic of the famous philosopher Russell Prose, “Life Wisdom Series: The Road to Happiness” introduces his perception of life, thoroughly explains the source of human misfortune and the source of happiness from the perspective of psychology and philosophy, and according to the different ethics and morals of Eastern and Western people A social concept that abstracts universally applicable principles for the attainment of happiness. This book not only teaches people the way to achieve happiness, but more importantly, it teaches people what happiness is. Before getting along with people, it is very important to know what your goal is.