The winter is getting stronger, reminding men: Adhere to the “2 taboos and 3 appropriate” diet, follow the seasons, and survive the winter safely

In winter, the temperature drops sharply and the cold air hits people, especially after the light snow solar term, the winter feeling is even stronger. At this time, in addition to exercising more and dressing warmer, you should also pay more attention to your diet. We all know that winter is the best time to maintain and save all things in the year, and it is to “tonic” the body great season.

Especially for men nowadays, they are usually busy and stressed at work, and their bodies are likely to enter sub-health unconsciously status. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity of winter, do “2 taboos and 3 suitable” in terms of diet, and do a good job of “food supplements”, so that the body will become stronger and stronger, and survive the cold winter safely and comfortably.

“2 bogey”

1 bogey – high-fat food

Eat less in winter greasy food. Although greasy food such as frying and barbecue are delicious, they are extremely high in calories and rich in fat. Eating too much will easily increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and cause food accumulation; in addition, it is cold and dry in winter, and the amount of exercise is much less. Long-term intake of high-fat and greasy food Excessive food can easily cause obesity and damage your health.

2 Taboo——Raw and cold food

Raw refers to uncooked Cooked raw foods, such as sashimi, sushi, etc.; cold foods include loquat, watermelon, strawberries and other cool foods, as well as various cold drinks. Eating too much of these foods will not only cause damage to the stomach, but also easily aggravate the coldness of the body and destroy the yang energy in the body. So try not to eat or eat less cold food in winter.


“3 suitable”

1 suitable—— “Heat-clearing” food

In addition to the cold in winter, we can also clearly feel the dryness of the weather. With the blessing of heating and hot pot, it takes minutes to get angry. Especially male compatriots who “come from Mars” are usually internally hot and have strong firepower, so they are more likely to get hot and angry. It is recommended to eat some moistening and clearing fire food to relieve it.

For example, Sanchuanguifang green cake made of mung beans, dandelion, Poria cocos, honeysuckle and other heat-clearing ingredients would be a good fit. It follows the food tonic concept of “green is clean”, adopts the professional technology of low-temperature curing to process the ingredients, and locks the nutritional essence in the production process, so that it is not easy to get angry after eating.

Each piece of Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake is turquoise, giving people a fresh and healthy feeling feeling. It is very soft and chewy in the mouth, and the more you chew, the more fragrant it becomes. You can clearly smell a quiet fragrance of ingredients, and the taste is still sweet and sour, which is especially healing.

2 advisable-“Yang nourishing” food

Men’s winter nourishment should take “yang” first. When the “yang energy” is sufficient, the energy will be more abundant, full of masculinity, and the body will be stronger. Therefore, tonic in winter, male compatriots should eat more foods that invigorate yang and nourish qi, such as wolfberry, leek, oyster… Among them, wolfberry is a common nourishing food in our life, and it is often used to soak in water to drink.


In addition to soaking in water, you can also try the Seven Degrees Yiyan Cake made with wolfberry as the main ingredient. In order to enrich the nutrition and taste of the pastry, various foods such as red beans, peanuts, and red dates are added to it. It is carefully made through a series of processes such as grinding, hand-kneading, and low-temperature baking, which not only locks in nutrition, but also enriches the taste.

With the blessing of double rose, dragon fruit powder, and beet root powder, Seven Degrees Yiyan Cake Achieve the coexistence of appearance and strength. The small pink-purple pastry is sweet, but not sticky, it is also glutinous, delicate and soft, and the mouth is full of the fragrance of the ingredients.

3 Proposals – “Black” food

There has always been a folk saying that “every black must be nourished”, black food has high nutritional value, such as Black beans, mulberries, black rice, black sesame… Male friends can help us regulate our bodies by eating them regularly, supplement the energy and calories lost by the body, and strengthen our physique.

The Sanchuangui Black Soy Milk Powder that everyone around me is drinking is recommended to everyone. Its ingredients are very simple, there are only two black ingredients, black beans and black rice, and maltose to enrich the taste. Black beans and black rice are typical black ingredients, which are particularly rich in nutrients. Regular consumption can help us enhance our physical vitality and improve our complexion.

Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder Specially adopts the excellent grinding process combining ancient and modern The ingredients are ground into powder, and then individually packaged quantitatively. When drinking, tear open a bag and pour it into a cup, rinse it with warm water, it will not agglomerate like ordinary soy milk powder, and it tastes sweet, dense, smooth and refreshing.

Summary: Winter is getting stronger and stronger, which means that the weather is getting colder and colder, and this is also the best time to “tonic”. Keep in mind “2 taboos and 3 appropriate” in terms of diet, eat in accordance with the seasons, and survive the cold winter warmly and comfortably.