The ingeniously designed plot in the movie “Wolf Hunt”

“Wolf Hunting” is an action thriller film directed and written by Kim Hong-sun, starring Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Jung So-min, Sung Dong-il, Park Ho-san, etc. The plot of the design.

International wanted criminals in Southeast Asia They were gathered on a ship to be escorted back to South Korea. Lee Seok-woo (played by Park Ho-san), the person in charge of the escort operation scene, meets Park Jong-doo (played by Seo In-guk), the most wanted criminal leader, and Park Jong-dou (played by Seo In-guk), the criminal leader, was beaten on the spot. However, Park Zongdou did not give in, but was brewing a plan to escape.

The missionary detective Lee Da-yeon (played by Jung So-min) did not let down her vigilance and monitored the women on board. prisoner. However, the plot soon changed dramatically. A group of gangsters with live ammunition boarded the boat, shot and killed the criminal policeman who was watching the felony, and rescued Park Zongdou and others. Park Zongdou instantly became the boss, leading the gangsters to fight and kill many policemen. At this time, Interpol Li Xiyu didn’t know that many of his subordinates had already been beaten to death. It wasn’t until Lee Da Yeon felt that the situation was abnormal and reported that Li Xiyu knew that the prisoners were rioting. At this time, the doctor on board received a private job to inject hypnotic injections to special patients.

He went to the cabin and saw a person with his eyelids sewn up, lying in a special container, His body was severely decomposed, and maggots had grown in his mouth. But the two people who controlled the dead man asked him to inject a hypnotic injection into the dead man. He had no choice but to inject injections into the dead just to make money. He didn’t know what the two of them were researching. He only saw the dead people transfusing blood and nutrients. He didn’t dare to ask, so he left the cabin, just happened to be seen by Lee Da Yeon, but he hesitated and couldn’t explain why.

At this time, Park Zongdou was leading the gangsters to attack, killed the policeman, and wanted to rule the entire ship. Li Xiyu hurried to the scene with Li Dayan and several criminal policemen, and confronted Park Zongdou. At this time, the plot took a second turn.

In their confrontation A mysterious figure suddenly appeared on the scene. His eyelids were closed, but he could see moving people clearly. He walked like a man of steel, making the boards of the ship thud. After the mysterious figure arrived, he killed everyone indiscriminately. Not only were several police officers killed, but several criminals who were not convinced were also killed. Even the heinous Park Zongdou was crushed to death with a hammer. Among the criminals was a young man named Li Dao Ri (played by Zhang Dongyun), but he was able to fight against the mysterious figure for several rounds at the critical moment and saved Li Xiyu. They fled together, but were chased by mysterious figures. Many criminals have been beheaded and killed, and there are not many police officers.

It turns out that the mysterious person is the dead body that the doctor injected hypnotic injection in the cabin, and it has been resurrected. His name is Kim Han-gyu, and he used to serve in the army and was taken to the biochemical laboratory for experiments. At the same time, there were many people who were subjected to the experiment. They were injected with biochemical reagents, most of them died, only Kim Han Kyu survived. And this project is to make super soldiers, not to cure diseases. After Kim Han Kyu was revived in the cabin, he would kill any living thing he saw. He chases down two criminal leaders, a man and a woman, and kills them in an elevator. And when he started looking for Li Xiyu and others, Wu Daxiong (played by Cheng Dongyi), the team leader of the Central Marine Special Agency in charge of the “Wolf Hunting Project”, arrived with special police to clear Kim Han Kyu and everyone on board.

The plot turned again, with waves of injustice and another wave, and the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole followed. Wu Daxiong also accepted the order of his superiors, and the superior is a young capitalist. He himself also injected the super injection injected by Kim Han Kyu and others, and became a super soldier. However, his identity has not been disclosed, but many people who received injections are still detained. The experimenters are selected by the army and also by the capitalists. Perhaps he was the one who planned the operation of escorting the prisoners on the ship and releasing Kim Han-kyu to start the killing. The name of the operation was Operation Wolf Hunt, and it was never made public. That is to say, regardless of whether the people on board are gangsters, police officers, or crew members, they will all be killed by Kim Han Kyu. When Wu Daxiong arrived with the special police, only Li Xiyu, Li Daoyan, Li Daoil and two criminals were left. And at this time, Wu Daxiong actually shot and killed Li Dayan. Policeman Lee Suk-woo fought with Kim Han-kyu and bit off one of Kim Han-kyu’s arms during the fight. Wu Daxiong was also the one who had been injected with the super injection, and killed Kim Han Kyu in the fight. Lee Dao-il himself was also a person who had been injected with a super injection, confronted Wu Daxiong, and finally killed Wu Daxiong. However, Lee Dao-il lost consciousness after jumping into the ocean at the same time as Wu Daxiong. When he woke up, he was already under the control of young capitalists.

Perhaps, there is a second part. In order to pave the way for the second part, there is a plot in the end of the first part that Lee Dao-ri was not killed but was controlled. It seems that capital itself is evil, not for the sake of people. Welfare, but for making money, even by unscrupulous means. The plot of the film is ups and downs. When killing, it is not procrastinating. It dies as soon as it is said. There are many scenes of blood flow, which can be regarded as a manifestation of the characteristics of violent aesthetics. The plot is better, unlike some movies that mainly The characters stick to the end, but let some characters die in the middle, set off stronger characters, and finally point to the capital behind the scenes.

< span>The plot is compact, with ups and downs, and there is no urine point throughout the whole process. It is a good commercial movie.