“Western Poetry” Seeing Rock Paintings (Three Outside) Author: Li Yunfei

Looking at the rock paintings

Text/Li Yunfei

The sound caused disturbance

A group of blue sheep with their heads bowed and grazing

quietly escaping into boulders

their curved horns in different expressions

beautiful and sharp without self-defense

Such a hard foundation

The lines are agile without losing its true colors

The skill from thousands of years ago

It is too mysterious to remain in the world Clues

no clues

silent temptation

stronger than the local five-level ultraviolet rays

unknown shepherdess< /p>

Which col is with three stones

build a fire to sit on the black milk pot

just lit cow dung fire

The thick smoke is floating

Can’t wait I can’t wait

Push into the painting to count the sheep for her

The leisurely sheep are waiting to be grazing

No more expectations

Text/Li Yunfei

I live at a higher altitude

plus clothes< /p>

You can’t imagine

this sparsely populated and desolate place

small plants with low leaves and small leaves

laying arbitrarily on the ground


Standing on the flowing snow and mountains and water

Bitterly cold

Big and small stones at the bottom of the water

Different shapes, clean and clear


The sparrow that rises and falls in the distance

The dynamic note is my cappella

Your stalwart is only on the surface

The inferiority complex gradually shows Low

silent, you never express

those simmering passions

long-term shelving will not be good brewing

The deterioration from the inside out has quietly arrived

I no longer expect to get used to the heart as still water

It is cooler than the cold for you

A blank

Text/Li Yunfei

Those that should sprout and those that shouldn’t sprout

covered tightly

The uncontrollable spring heart

and impatient and impulsive

like smoke

Slowly spreading in the interior

The thick white ice in the blue sky

There is no trace of anything

Northwest There are still thin thorns in the wind

passers-by are in a hurry

whether busy or idle

the four fields are blank

despite thousands of The army is full of horses

The silent stomping sound is on the road

You lift your sore neck to listen

The silhouette of Gu Panshengzi

Let the people who see you secretly fall in love


Text/Li Yunfei

Spring has arrived

The good colors of life that appear in front of me

how fresh and pleasing to the eye

the light rain falls and the temperature drops

this is capricious The weather

will not cause delay

you should not come too early

because the time has not come

that is not a rejection

Who is thinking about you not far away

The food has been served, there is wine and something to say

A lot of things I want to say to you

I can’t help but wait Self-suppression

【Author Profile】

Li Yunfei’s net name is Afei, Xinjiang Hami, in the text There is sustenance and warmth, the water is soft and the wind is light, I stepped on the fine sand, carefully selected and picked up on the beach of words.

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