Pieces of Classics The Book of Poetry | There are bitter leaves – want me to cross the river quickly

034 The Book of Songs·Guofeng·Beifeng·You Bitter Leaves

Translation, Explanation, Ode: All the Way

The leaves of the gourd are withered, and the water of the Jihe River is deep.

When the water is deep, you can use the waist boat made of the gourd.

The water of the Jihe River has overflowed the levee, and

the sound of female pheasants can be heard endlessly.

The water is full, but the axles cannot be submerged.

The chirping of the female pheasant is in courtship.

The geese flew by,

the sun rose in the east.

If you want to get a wife,

before the water freezes into a glacier.

The boatman over there is calling,

Let others pass by and leave me alone.

Let others pass me first,

I am waiting for my sweetheart to cross the river of my heart.

“Bitter Leaves”— —The deep is the deep and the shallow is revealed, think I will cross the river quickly

The gourd has been dried and made into a waist boat. You cross the river, I am here I’m waiting for you here;

Try the depth of the river water, just roll up your trouser legs and wade over in shallow places;

The water in the Jihe River has risen, but in some places it hasn’t Flooded over the axle;

You hurry up, I’ll be waiting for you here.

The sun has risen, and a group of geese are flying southwards in the sky,

Didn’t you say you want to marry me, so hurry up, you want to wait until the river freezes ?

The stevedore over there called me, and he thought I was going to cross the river, which is really embarrassing.

They won’t know that I’m waiting for you, you come quickly,

Why haven’t you come yet!

In my opinion, this is completely the psychological activity of a girl who is anxiously waiting for her lover. I regard this “Bitter Leaves” as the earliest description of psychological activity in Chinese history. Yes. You read it over and over again, over and over again, think of yourself as the girl, and think of yourself as her lover. Who hasn’t been young, who hasn’t been in love?

If you haven’t, then read about the shyness and anxiety of two thousand years ago, just like today.

One point is all the way