Weifang Mobile successfully completed the communication guarantee work for the “two sessions” in Weifang in 2022

Recently, the “two sessions” of Weifang City in 2022 came to a successful conclusion. As a communication support unit, Weifang Mobile successfully completed it with the highest standards, strictest requirements and best conditions. “Two Sessions” communication network security work.

Before the meeting, Weifang Mobile established a special meeting support group to coordinate the deployment of support plans and emergency plans. The hub, carry out comprehensive network testing, complete capacity adjustment and expansion in advance, and comprehensively improve the quality of 4G/5G networks.

During the meeting, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement 7×24 hours of emergency duty to ensure emergency and network emergencies The situation is detected, responded to, and handled at the first time. 2 emergency communication vehicles were dispatched to the site, and communication security personnel conducted real-time safety inspections to ensure good on-site communication perception and smooth network operation.

“The original intention is like a rock to the future”, Weifang “two sessions” communication guarantee ended successfully, Weifang Mobile will conscientiously summarize the guarantee experience and continue to work hard Adhere to the high standards of leadership, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, do a good job in every follow-up communication guarantee task, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party with excellent results.