High school students suspended from school, how can they catch up after resuming school?

High school students are suspended from school, how can they work hard to catch up when they resume school?

High school students leave school, most of them may start from being bored with school. Suspension procedures, go home to recuperate. Most of the students who drop out of school still think about studying at home, but they can’t see it, or they can’t persist for a few days, the life order will be in chaos, black and white will be reversed, basically sleeping and playing games, parents will be groggy and have nothing to do all day long. The students are anxious. In fact, the students themselves are also anxious, but they just don’t know what to do.

I took a year off from school, and when it was time to resume school, I should have gone through a year of self-cultivation and went to school well after school, but I was still nervous, and I didn’t know if I could adapt. I muttered at the door and didn’t dare to go in. Some students entered the classroom and went home after two days of study. Others transferred schools and went to a new environment, but they couldn’t last for 1 or 2 weeks, and then they continued to drop out of school. This kind of situation , twice in a row, the high school level is over.

At present, this situation is very common. How to avoid this phenomenon? First of all, parents should be clear that children are tired of school and leave school because the brain has formed a thinking pattern that they cannot control. , The law of this kind of thinking mode is that when you are studying, when you arrive at the school gate or in the classroom, you can’t help but feel anxious, and then you have some fearful thoughts, some physical symptoms, very uncomfortable, and you can’t hold on. In this case, no matter what Whether to leave school or not, we must break this thinking mode. Through study and practice, we can establish in the students’ brains that they will be active as soon as they study, and they will be calm as soon as they arrive at school. It is actually a conditioned reflex, and only new conditioned reflexes are established. Only then can students learn independently and efficiently, have motivation to study, and can regain lost time.