Fangcang Diary: On the front line, we “heal” in both directions

Today is the fourth day we have taken over the shelter hospital, and 2,500 people have basically been treated. The weather in the past few days has been gloomy, but the cabin is brightly lit. It is different from the empty and barren space when we first saw it. Now the huge shelter has become orderly with our efforts.

Accompanied by the sirens of ambulances, all of us “moved” reflexively— —Some people are responsible for registering information, some are responsible for leading cabin friends into the area, and some are soothed and soothed.

The days in the shelter are busy and orderly, and sometimes some unexpected situations happen. What impressed me the most was that once an aunt in her fifties suffered from dizziness, headache, and chills, and her blood oxygen level was found to have dropped below 95%. Due to the limited conditions of the shelter, we had an idea and immediately vacated the supply room and converted it into an emergency room, monitored the aunt’s ECG, and arranged for oxygen inhalation. Auntie shivered and kept crying, so we immediately found a blanket to keep her warm, and fed her warm water, bread, and cake beside the bed to calm her nervousness. An hour later, my aunt’s symptoms of discomfort were relieved and she could sit up. At this time, her blood oxygen saturation had risen to 97%. After another 30 minutes, her blood oxygen saturation returned to 100%! The aunt who came back thanked me repeatedly. Through the protective mask, I also caught a glimpse of the eyes of my teammates who were bent with laughter. Although it was only an insignificant moment in the heavy work of the shelter, we will definitely be able to protect every moment. Work together to usher in the ultimate success!

In the shelter, we are not only “soldiers” fighting against the virus, but also “confidant sisters” of every cabinmate. There are eight nurses and 768 cabin mates. We have to consider every aspect of life in the cabin for each cabin mate. Daily necessities, electricity safety, toilet and bathing needs, mobilize volunteers to deal with garbage in time… Some cabinmates are more depressed, and full of anxiety in the face of the unknown. I think the cabinmates who came here should all be the same as me At the beginning, we were in the same uneasy mood. We are their only support here, so even though we were sweating and our voices became hoarse, we still explained and comforted them over and over again, hoping to warm up the restless cabin friend.

The team members set up a “love sharing box” to share supplies with fellow cabinmates

Time passed by every minute, beds were made one by one, and meals were distributed one by one. On the fourth day, I was already familiar with the road. In the face of high-intensity work, everyone’s inner defense line was constantly lingering in the cracks and recasting. Fortunately, here, not only we healed the “cabin friends”, but they also “healed” our tired hearts – maybe it was a grateful look, maybe it was a gentle “thank you sister” from the children, maybe it was The sentence “You have worked hard” may be the timely help of volunteers.

In the shelter, the child’s clear eyes also healed us

” Under full armor, we are all ordinary people with weaknesses and weaknesses, and we also need to be unraveled and healed. Putting on a thick “armor”, we “fight” for the city we love, but in fact, whether it is a cabin friend , Volunteers or the rear, everyone is fighting this “silent battle”. Fortunately, I have been with these gentle moments all the way. At this moment, I saw the flowers blooming in this city that pressed the “pause button”.