Want to lose weight? Let’s start by doing these few things well

Friends who have lost weight countless times, I don’t know if you have this experience. Every time we make up our minds and announce that we want to lose weight, our appetite seems to be stronger , I want to eat everything I see, and I can’t stop eating those fried, hot and sour, sweet and greasy… “heavy taste” foods.

But if you accidentally lose control of yourself, when you react, you will face The most likely is the painful experience of “another weight loss failure”!

Actually, we can’t blame you for this, because this kind of psychology is also called “psychological The compensatory effect,” that is, the more we tend to want to control things, the more easily we are tempted.

So, if you want to lose weight, you should do a few things first!

1, take care of your various psychological pressures first

In life, we always Will face all kinds of pressure, and many people are fat because of this pressure.

Stress and obesity are usually caused by stress-induced lack of sleep, hormone disorders in the body, improper diet, etc. Reasons, such as when we are emotionally stressed, we tend to eat a lot emotionally, can’t sleep at night, don’t want to move, hungry and full or overeating, and these habits will make our body management out of control, and even Make you fatter.

In this way, there is a relationship between stress and obesity Inevitable connection, so, compared to those numbers on the scale, psychological stress management deserves to be put in the first place.

2. Before losing weight, first determine a reasonable “small goal”

We We all know that you can’t become fat if you eat all at once, and you can’t lose weight in a day, so don’t rush to lose weight.

So, in implementing weight loss, you must first set a small goal: for example, every week Lose 0.5 kg, or one catty per week, etc., and maintain an appropriate weight loss rate, so that it will neither harm the body nor put too much pressure on yourself.

Secondly, make some reasonable plans in terms of diet and exercise, so that you can persevere and not give up halfway. Then integrate these into your daily life as a kind of Habits, a way of life, so that you will lose excess fat slowly and maintain a healthy state.

As long as you reach your weight control goals, give Affirm and reward yourself, only in this way will you feel more fulfilled.

3. Be sure to avoid the “invisible assassin” in weight loss – boredom

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Do you have an experience that when we are free and bored, we often eat to get rid of this boredom.

Especially when you can’t sleep late at night, a small cake, a large piece of snacks…even a bowl of snail noodles, Every time I finish eating, I get rid of the boredom, but the number on the scale is getting bigger and bigger.

So if you want to avoid boredom, you should make your life as soon as possible Enrich yourself.

4. Make more friends with thin people

In fact, not only our own situation will affect weight loss, but the influence of people around us is more likely to affect our weight loss.

For example, your family and friends around you are losing weight and have healthy eating habits. Next, you will also follow their steps, so that you will become thinner and healthier.

So, want to lose weight? Maybe we can actively try to hang out with those thin people who have healthy living habits and learn their eating and living habits.

To sum up, want to lose weight? Follow a more regular life, maintain good eating and living habits, and lose weight happily!