The correct way to open the “winter tonic”, so that you can’t get angry and make you comfortable all winter

In winter, folks have always had the custom of replenishing winter. The proverb “replenishing winter in winter and replenishing the empty mouth” is the best metaphor. However, tonifying winter should not be supplemented indiscriminately. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that those who are deficient are tonic, and those who are excess are relieved. Patients with non-deficiency syndromes should not abuse tonics. Deficiency syndromes can be divided into yin deficiency, yang deficiency, and qi deficiency.

Therefore, not everyone needs tonic in winter, and not everyone’s tonic method is the same. Only by taking the right medicine can benefit the body, otherwise it will backfire and harm the body. Let’s introduce the personalized winter tonic methods for several common physical types of people.

People with damp-heat and phlegm-damp constitution should combine nourishment and diarrhea

People with phlegm-dampness are mostly middle-aged and male. They usually prefer sweets and meat, like to sleep, and don’t like to exercise. The body is obese, the abdomen is plump and soft, sweats easily, and is very sticky, and often feels that there is a layer of oil on the face.

Before we mentioned that patients with non-deficiency syndrome should not abuse tonic , Damp-heat constitution and phlegm-damp constitution are patients with non-deficiency syndrome. This kind of people should avoid severe supplementation in winter and should be combined with nourishment and diarrhea.

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Dress, tangerine peel and Pu’er tea eliminate phlegm and dampness

In terms of diarrhea, eat more food that eliminates phlegm and dampness. You can drink Pu’er tea with tangerine peel every day. Pu’er has a good effect on digestion, phlegm and blood fat reduction, while tangerine peel can strengthen the spleen and stomach, regulate qi and reduce phlegm. The combination of the two is very suitable for people with phlegm-dampness constitution and damp-heat constitution. .

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Tonic: Chinese yam and barley strengthen spleen and kidney

In terms of supplementation, you should put aside the concept of supplementation based on meat, big fish and meat, delicacies from mountains and seas, and try to focus on vegetarian supplements to strengthen the spleen and kidney. The efficacy of vegetarian diets in terms of tonic has been neglected. In fact, vegetarian food also has a good role in nourishing. Here are two suitable supplementary ingredients for people with phlegm-dampness and heat-dampness: yam and barley.

Yam, since ancient times, yam has been regarded as Wumart Inexpensive “tonic” products. It is sweet in taste and calm in nature, nourishing qi and invigorating the spleen. It is listed as a “top-grade” medicinal material in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to nourishing the lungs and spleen, it also nourishes the kidneys. Therefore, this dish is very suitable for the elderly, children and people with weak health. A dish of steamed vegetarian yam balls is recommended, consisting of 300g yam, half a carrot, 25g egg white, and 15g minced ginger.

Barley, “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that it has a broad chest The effects of lowering Qi, cooling blood, eliminating stagnation, and eating, malt has the effect of dredging five grains and separating clear and turbid. The five grains are transformed, and the clear and turbid score means that the phlegm is easy to dissolve and disappear. Therefore, it is especially suitable for people with phlegm-dampness and damp-heat constitution.The use of spleen transportation and transformation. Recommend a dish barley American ginseng tea, composed of 10g barley and 15g American ginseng.

Yin deficiency People with high quality should choose Yin-nourishing drinks

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People with yin deficiency constitution are mostly tall and thin, with flushed complexion, feeling of heat, hot hands and feet, dry eyes, dry mouth and throat, like cold drinks, dry skin, Vertigo and tinnitus, poor sleep, short and astringent urination, dry stool, etc.

The general concept is that winter is cold and tonic needs warming , eating ginseng antler, or mutton, are mostly warming and tonic products, but some people have various symptoms of “getting angry” after taking tonic, so people attribute this to “deficiency is not tonic”. In fact, from the perspective of physique, It’s not “no compensation” but “the wrong direction is compensated”.

Due to the lack of yin fluid in the human body with yin deficiency constitution, There will be dry mouth, dry stool and so on. Therefore, when tonic in winter, as long as you drink more honey water, sugarcane juice, glutinous rice porridge, milk and other drinks that promote body fluid and nourish yin, the purpose of tonic can be achieved. You can also eat more fish. Chinese medicine believes that fish is born in water and has a lot of water. Here are two suitable ingredients for people with yin deficiency: mulberry and sealwort.

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Mulberry: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, treating yin deficiency and less fluid< /span>

Mulberry juice is as thick as honey, sweet and sour, and rich in nutrients. Food is also one of the agricultural products of “medicine and food from the same source”. “Tang Materia Medica” Chinese medicine believes that mulberries are sweet in taste and cold in nature, enter the heart, liver, and kidney meridians, have the effect of nourishing yin and blood, and can cure yin deficiency, insomnia, etc. Therefore, it can help people with yin deficiency to replenish water and body fluid. Recommend a dish, mulberry wine, composed of 500g mulberry, 1000ml white wine, and 100g rock sugar.

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Polygonatum: nourishing qi and nourishing yin, invigorating the spleen, nourishing the lungs

Huangjing is recorded in “Materia Medica Biandu”, it tastes sweet and thick, similar to Rehmannia glutinosa, according to its power, it is also similar to Rehmannia glutinosa, nourishing blood Tonify yin, and nourish the spleen and stomach is its specialty. Therefore, it has the effects of invigorating qi and nourishing yin, invigorating the spleen, moistening the lungs, and nourishing the kidneys. It is especially suitable for people who work overtime for a long time and stay up late. This kind of people usually have yin deficiency and fire excess. Recommend a dish, sealwort black beans stew lean meat, composed of sealwort 30g, black beans 50g, tangerine peel, 250g lean meat.

Qi deficiency, People with Yang-deficiency constitution should eat warming and nourishing food

Qi-deficiency constitution and yang-deficiency constitution are the same general type of constitution, and if qi-deficiency continues to develop, it will become yang-deficiency. People with qi-deficiency constitution show less qi, indolence and whispering People with Yang-deficiency physique usually show more serious and weaker symptoms, such as fear of cold, yellowish and white complexion, cold hands and feet, and no warmth at all. And they are prone to fatigue in winter , Lethargy. This group of people can properly supplement with mutton, and soup is the best way to nourish.


< span>People with qi deficiency constitution should eat more qi invigorating food

People with qi deficiency constitution, You need to use more Qi-invigorating foods. For example, ginseng, Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus, and wolfberry, you can supplement the above medicinal materials with black-bone chicken or pigeon stew.

The winter representative tonic food for qi deficiency constitution is ginseng, including American ginseng, raw sun-dried ginseng, red Ginseng (Korean ginseng, Korean ginseng), etc. People with simple qi deficiency can take raw sun-dried ginseng, and those with more serious qi deficiency can take red ginseng (Korean ginseng, Korean ginseng). Recommend a dish, ginseng and ganoderma chicken soup, composed of 15 grams of raw sun-dried ginseng, 15 grams of ganoderma, half a chicken, about 10 grams of ganoderma spore powder, 5 red dates, and 3 slices of ginger.


Yang deficiency constitution, mainly warming and strengthening kidney

People with yang deficiency physique, in addition to the food and medicinal materials for nourishing qi, because the loss is more serious, so they can eat more flesh and blood to complement the body .

Winter tonic for yang-deficiency constitution requires warming kidney Kidney-based, of which raspberry is the representative, “Materia Medica Tongxuan”: “Raspberry, Ganping enters the kidney, raises yang to cure impotence, strengthens essence and absorbs drowning, strengthens kidney without hotness, solidifies Essence is undoubtedly the harm of astringency, and the product of gold and jade is also.”It has a very good effect of replenishing essence and marrow for yang deficiency constitutions with severe kidney essence loss. A dish is recommended, raspberry tea, composed of 5 grams of raspberries and 5 grams of saffron.

Last recommendation A clapping exercise, doing it in winter is “very nourishing”

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There are many hands The meridian acupoints connected to the internal organs of the human body can massage the reflex areas of the hands, which can adjust the functions of the internal organs and play a role in health care. In fact, health preservation is not that complicated, it can be done with one hand!

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Hukouping (facial disease)< /strong>

Action essentials: Keeping the tiger’s mouth with both hands relative to each other and hitting back and forth at a constant speed 36 times is a section.

Efficacy: Relieves blurred vision, rhinitis, toothache; has a very good effect on preventing colds.

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Side palm (to prevent bone degeneration)

Action essentials: Open the sides with both hands and keep hitting back and forth at a constant speed 36 times is one section.

Efficacy: Relieves headaches and neck pains; has a very good effect on preventing bone spurs and bone degeneration.

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Punch palm (fatigue)

Action essentials: Make a fist with one hand, open the other hand and keep hitting back and forth at a constant speed 36 times is one section.

Efficacy: Refreshing and eliminating fatigue.

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Ten fingers cross each other (numb hands and feet)

Action essentials: Interlace your fingers and keep hitting back and forth at a constant speed 36 times is one section.

Efficacy:Effectively relieve peripheral circulation problems such as hand numbness and foot numbness.

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Wrist Interaction Strike (cardiopulmonary disease)

Action essentials:Thirty-six hits back and forth at the wrists at a constant speed is one measure.

Efficacy: Effectively relieve symptoms such as heart disease, chest tightness, and chest pain.


Hand back strike (internal organ function)

Action essentials:< /span> 36 hits back and forth at a constant speed with your hands facing each other is one measure.

Efficacy:It can effectively adjust the function of internal organs and prevent the occurrence of internal organs diseases.