Another shocking cold, the tenacity of the Japanese team defeated the waywardness of the German team

It was a shocking cold again, the tenacity of the Japanese team defeated the waywardness of the German team

Text/Jiang Shihua

After the Saudi team pulled down the Argentine team last night, just now In the focus match of Group E that ended, the Japanese team, which was not optimistic before the game, gradually exerted strength in the second half after falling behind by 1 goal. They scored two goals in 8 minutes and defeated the former world team 2-1. The champion German team, this is the first time that the Japanese team defeated the German team. Throughout the whole game, the Japanese team defeated the German team’s willful squandering opportunities by virtue of tenacity. It has more gold content and is more meaningful for Chinese football.

Before the match, Regardless of the world ranking or the team’s worth, the German team is more favored by the outside world. In the only two confrontation records between the two teams, the German team remained unbeaten with one win and one draw. However, history is used to record , is also used to rewrite.

At the beginning of the game, the German team put on an all-out offensive posture, trying to rely on their strong personal body and partial conduction to tear apart the Japanese team’s defense. The Japanese team took the initiative to show weakness, and the three lines were kept very close, but behind their seemingly humble appearance, they revealed their stubbornness, waiting for the German team to make mistakes at any time, and using precise long passes behind them to give the German chariot a fatal blow.

One hour before the game, the rhythm was The German team took control. Except for the penalty kick won in the first half, the German team got too many opportunities in front of the Japanese team’s goal and at the front of the penalty area. Statistics show that the German team won 26 shots in this campaign. The Japanese team is more than double, but whether it is Raum, Gundogan or the young and elegant Murcia, they squandered the chances of scoring goals one by one. Will you miss the restricted area killer Klose? Of course, from another perspective, the Japanese team’s defensive system has not been completely torn apart, which is commendable.

The performance of the generals of the Japanese team in this campaign could not be more aptly described as diligent and cunning. After entering the 60th minute of the game, the Japanese team, which showed weakness in the first half, obviously strengthened their pressure on the German players. Although their height and strength were not dominant, their ubiquitous running and winding ability made the German team uncomfortable. In the physical competition, the Japanese team with a lower center of gravity seemed never to be tired. In the end, they scored two goals in 4 shots and reversed their opponents 2-1 to win a seemingly impossible victory.

Never say With the spirit of defeat, tireless struggle, and high-speed and precise passing between teammates, Japanese players have used the physical condition of Asians and their understanding of football to the extreme.

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