Visit the Red Cliff Canyon, a summer resort, a detailed guide

Hongya Canyon, also known as the Hongya Grand Canyon, is located on the east side of Xiaobaigou Village, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province, about 150 kilometers away from the provincial capital Taiyuan, less than ten kilometers away from the famous Wang Family Courtyard in Shanxi, and away from Jingsheng Town. About five kilometers or so, the traffic is very convenient. Looking at the scenic spot, the cliffs are strange, the canyons are deep, the vegetation is lush, the vines are wrapped around the trees, the alpine meadows, the streams are vertical and horizontal, the waterfalls are spectacular, the mountain peaks are dangerous, the peaks are undulating, the cliffs are steep, winding, majestic, few people travel, exotic flowers and plants, The beautiful scenery, like a natural oxygen bar, is especially cool in summer, which is very suitable for leisure vacation and summer vacation.

A bird’s-eye view of the scenic spot, mainly composed of Lin Xiu Xi and Niu Jiao An It is composed of scenic spots, with the Valley of Lovers and the air grassland as the soul throughout. Visitors who go there must first take the transportation car in the scenic area to Linxiuxi Lower Station, then walk along the canyon for about two kilometers to reach Linxiuxi Upper Station, and then line up to take the bus to Niujiaoan to enjoy the beautiful alpine meadow scenery. You can also start from the entrance of the scenic spot, take a small traffic, drive on the winding mountain road for about 20 minutes, arrive at the Valley of Lovers, enjoy the magnificent virgin forest, feel the clear mountain spring water, and then walk for about 40 minutes. At the small transportation transfer point, after getting off the bus, go up the long wooden steps and go straight to the air grassland, overlooking the mountains, and the beautiful scenery is unobstructed. In my opinion, Lingshi Hongya Canyon is a combination of strange, secluded and dangerous. Here, the virgin forest and alpine meadow are integrated, and the waterfalls and canyons set off against each other. The scenery is beautiful and worth visiting.

According to personal understanding, the famous scenic spots in the scenic spot include canyons The finale scenic spots such as Tianxiantian, sub-alpine meadows and Niujiao Saddle take cliffs and red rocks as their souls, combined with scenic spots such as canyon rafting, Longevity Valley and Linxiuxi, and take the geological age of the Jurassic as a reference to extend the excellent The Longtan and Melaleuca Scenic Spots, assisting various thrilling and interesting play items, greatly enriched the tourism ecological environment of the scenic spot, making the popularity here continue to rise. The first line of sky in the Red Cliff Canyon, also known as the plywood ditch, as the name suggests, the two mountains are sandwiched together, walking like a plywood, standing in it, looking up, only a line of sky light can be seen, which makes people involuntarily marvel at the magic of nature. In the hot summer, why not go rafting in the Red Cliff Canyon and experience a thrilling and cool journey? The Hongya Canyon is rich in water resources, and the river is long and narrow. The whole journey is about four kilometers. It has the characteristics of large drop and fast flow. The scenery along the way is beautiful, the trees are lush and the air is fresh. It is an excellent place for mountain canyon rafting.

When you come here, you can never get around the horns The Saddle Scenic Area, as the name suggests, is shaped like a horn and stands on the top of a mountain. The main peak is shaped like a saddle and towers into the clouds. It is known as the highest peak of Taiyue Mountain. Surrounded by mountains, in the green water, the red cliffs are emerald green, and the legendary dragon pool was born in the Jurassic period, the place where dinosaurs drank water. Afterwards, head to the subalpine meadows of nearly 10,000 mu to experience the high and flat grassland scenery, pass through the dolomite of marine sedimentary crystallization, and experience the traces of time eroded by wind and rain in the textured layered structure. Perhaps it is after hundreds of millions of years of water erosion that the folded and uplifted karst landform will finally be formed. Otherwise, how can the scenery be so charming? Perhaps only in the ropeway with changing angles in the air, can you truly feel the magnificent view of the vast alpine meadows and the slashing cliffs.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the beautiful scenery of Red Cliff Canyon The entertainment projects are also more eye-catching. When you are in it, you can not only feel the thrilling rafting of the waves and paddles, but also feel the beautiful scenery of the forest and meadow along the way in the thrilling and comfortable slide. You can even sing along the water slide through the jungle and across the valley, through the ancient virgin forest. The reference price of tickets for the Red Cliff Canyon is 80 yuan per person. Children under the age of 1.2 (inclusive) or under the age of 6 (inclusive), and the elderly over the age of 65 (inclusive) are subject to a ticket-free policy, and students are subject to half-price discounts.One-way fare is 50 yuan per person. For non-self-driving tourists, starting from Lingshi County, it is recommended to take Lingshi No. 6 or No. 7 bus and get off at Zhangsongcunkou Station. If you get on the bus from Lingshi East Station or Lingshi Railway Station, you can take the Lingshi No. 6 bus and the Lingshi No. 7 bus respectively. It should be noted that no matter which method you choose, you still need to walk about 16 kilometers to reach the entrance of the scenic spot after getting off the bus. Therefore, it is more suitable to choose a self-driving tour.