The 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo, the first batch of overseas exhibits to enter

This article is reproduced from: China Daily

At 21:50 on August 9, flight CZ6032 arrived at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, the first batch of overseas exhibits for the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo Enter on this flight.

The first batch of overseas exhibiting products are mainly beverages, clothing, candy and other goods, with a total of 200 kilograms, which will be imported through the belly of the passenger aircraft.

The 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo is about to open, and various preparatory work has also entered an intense stage of tackling. In order to ensure the successful convening of the event, Urumqi Customs has formulated and released the “Guidelines for Customs Clearance of Inbound and Outbound Personnel and Materials for the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines for Customs Clearance”), which provides for temporary entry of materials, duty-free entry of materials, Detailed guidelines are provided in eight aspects, including rental materials used for the Asia-Europe Expo, inbound and outbound materials that require special approval according to law, and customs clearance supervision of personnel and personal items.

According to the “Guidelines for Customs Clearance”, Urumqi Customs has set up VIP channels for the Expo at relevant ports, special windows for customs clearance of materials for the China-Asia-Europe Expo and only for personnel. Channels, priority handling of customs procedures such as declaration, inspection, sampling, testing, etc., and the implementation of inspection and release.

On the day the first batch of exhibits entered, Urumqi Diwopu Airport Customs, under the premise of strictly abiding by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with laws and regulations, arranged a special class for inspection and release, and gave priority to ensuring that diplomatic personnel carry relevant luggage and materials Clearance.

“The consignee and consignor shall submit a list of exhibits to the customs 20 days before the exhibits enter the country. After the exhibits enter the country, they will be kept in the cargo yard for 10 days according to local epidemic prevention requirements, and then transferred and stored in the non-exhibition period. In the supervision site designated by the customs, we will conduct a rapid inspection of the exhibits to ensure that the exhibits enter the exhibition hall as soon as possible.” said Wang Jixi, chief of the first supervision section of Wuchang Customs, which is affiliated to Urumqi Customs.

During the arrival and development of expo materials, Urumqi Customs will strengthen on-site supervision, mid-term supervision of inbound exhibits, on-site inspection of expo exhibition centers and post-verification supervision of expo inbound exhibits; Administrative licensing and actual supervision of other temporary inbound and outbound materials other than goods; strengthen the approval and management of guarantees for imported materials with tax reduction and exemption, and imported materials donated by foreign governments and international organizations for expositions free of charge; strengthen customs protection and supervision of intellectual property rights.

During the expo, Wuchang Customs affiliated to Urumqi Customs will send staff to supervise and go through customs procedures at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center to provide “zero distance” customs clearance service guarantee. For materials that need to be inspected on-site at the exhibition hall due to special circumstances, the Secretariat of China-Asia-Europe Expo shall submit an application, and upon approval by the customs, they can be transported to the exhibition hall for inspection on-site.

In addition, Urumqi Customs reminds exhibitors at home and abroad that the exhibits reserved for the exposition, those in the list of exhibits that meet the tax preferential policies for international exhibitions in the central and western regions, and imported within the tax-free quota, can be purchased at the expo. Wuchang Customs handles the exemption of import duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax.