Furong River Shrimp, Hundred Lotus Root Cake, Lotus-style Sea Bass… Come to Fengjing Ancient Town to taste the “Lotus Feast” for a limited time in midsummer

“The lotus leaves are infinitely green in the sky, and the lotus flowers are different in the sun”. Summer is the season when the lotus flowers are in full bloom. Every midsummer, viewing, photographing and appreciating lotus has become a habit for many citizens and friends to spend the summer.

Caption: Photo courtesy of Fengjing Town, Lotus Fish Ecological Leisure Park (The same below)

In the Hefengxiyu Ecological Leisure Garden in Zhonghong Village, Fengjing Town, more than 60 acres of lotus flowers are already blooming. Looking around, the blue waves are slightly rippling, and the green lotus leaves add a little poetry to the hot summer, and also make a lotus feast with good color and taste.

“Lotus is a treasure all over the body. It can not only be viewed, but also can be added to vegetables and soups. It is not only fragrant and delicious, but also has unique effects. Lotus seeds nourish the heart and nourish the kidneys. Liver; lotus root clears heat, strengthens spleen, and benefits blood; lotus root clears silt, clears heat and detoxifies; lotus leaf clears heat and removes dampness.” Speaking of the efficacy of lotus, Lou Xuebiao, the head of the leisure park, warmly introduced.

The lotus pond is full of eyes outside the restaurant, blooming with a grand scene. Every dish in the restaurant is closely related to lotus flowers, full of poetic and picturesque. The reporter saw at the scene, the fragrant Furong River shrimp, the lotus root cake, the “lotus pond moonlight” overflowing with lotus fragrance, the lotus sea bass, and the lotus apricot sliced ​​shrimp. Roots, leaves, flowers and fruits are used as raw materials for meals, which not only have a pleasant color and fragrance, but also have a particularly fresh taste. The lotus feast also pays attention to freshness, and the ingredients must be used on the spot.

Illustration: Bright lotus

As a leisure park for more than ten years, it has been the main product of summer specialties. Many citizens and tourists come to check in specially in order to experience this summer’s special summer food. “I knew that lotus can be used for cooking, but I didn’t expect to make so many dishes. This ‘bright lotus’ is particularly delicious. Under the crispy skin, I can taste the deliciousness of shrimp and the tenderness of lotus root. The lotus on the bottom has another It has a clear fragrance.” Mr. Tang from the urban area looked at the dishes ordered in front of him and said that after watching the beauty of the lotus pond, he and his family tasted a lot of lotus delicacies, which satisfied both the eyes and the mouth. After a meal, it seems that even the heat has dissipated.

According to the introduction, among all the dishes of the lotus banquet, the diners praised: lotus root with sweet-scented osmanthus, chilled fresh lotus seeds, stir-fried lotus tips, dried tangerine peeled river prawns, Eight treasures lotus root soup, jujube lotus seed cake, etc.

Caption: Frozen fresh lotus seeds< /p>

Since ancient times, literati and writers have written so many poems for lotus flowers that they can be published separately in poetry collections, and the pleasant aliases are also unique among flowers, such as lotus, hibiscus, hibiscus… And Fengjing Ancient Town Because of the lotus planted all over the territory, the elegant and beautiful scenery gave birth to the nickname of “Furong Town”. Therefore, people in Guzhen combine their own culture, with history as the bone and lotus as the wing, carefully develop each dish, and give it a special story and meaning. Turn ordinary lotus flowers into pleasing, delicious and delicious products.

It is worth noting that the lotus feasting season is from July to September every year. A set of dishes generally includes 6 cold dishes, 12 hot dishes, 1 soup, and 1 snack. Friends who want to taste it need to hurry up and come to Fengjing to enjoy a cool summer.

Correspondent Zhu Liyan Xinmin Evening News reporter Tu Yu