Vertical lines on the nails is the liver is not good? Reminder: If there are 4 symptoms on the nail, you need to pay attention to it

Introduction: In most people’s cognition, nails are useless, and a body part can at most be used to tickle itches.

With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of health preservation, they have also read other popular science articles or popular science videos, Among these popular science content, we can get such a little common sense that nails are a “barometer” of health status.

The changes on the nails can reflect the state of the body to a certain extent, and even indicate cancer problems. For example, the appearance of vertical lines on the nails indicates that the liver is not good, and there are various problems about the nails. Today I will take you to understand them one by one.

What should healthy nails look like?

The main part of the nail is actually the splint, which is also the part that we can see with the naked eye. The skin covering the deck is called the nail fold.

People’s nails grow from methyl groups, and most of the methyl groups exist under the nail folds , only a small part can be seen through the splint, and this part is what we all refer to as the nail crescent.

Nails of healthy people are slightly pink in color, the surface looks very smooth, and there will be a small amount of ribs texture.

Under normal circumstances, the daily growth length of nails is about 0.1 mm, but this value is not Absolutely, it will be affected by factors such as age or season.

Nails Vertical lines appear because the liver is not good?

Many people think that the vertical lines on the nails indicate that the liver is not good, but in fact, the surface of our nails is not smooth and flat.

And the vertical lines on the nails almost always exist, the appearance of the vertical lines is very important for our nails It is equivalent to the wrinkles on the skin, which can be said to be the traces left by the years on the nails.

As the age continues to grow, the vertical lines on the nails will naturally become more, so we There is no need for everyone to deliberately pay attention to this phenomenon. The vertical lines on the nails do not mean that the liver is not good.

But here is a reminder, if you find that the vertical lines on your nails become deeper and become If you have horizontal stripes, you must go to the hospital for a corresponding examination as soon as possible to find out what caused it.

Finger More crescents, healthier body?

If we want to figure out what a crescent moon is, let’s first understand how nails grow.

Through the above content, we can know that there are nail roots and nail beds at the end of the nails, and the nail beds are actually A production base of nail protein. When the nail bed is constantly producing and synthesizing nail protein, our nails can continue to grow upwards, thus gradually forming a smooth and hard deck, that is, the nail cap.

The nails are white when they first grow out, and then slowly turn into a transparent color. The growth process has the characteristics of “fast in the middle and slow on both sides”, so some white crescents with curvature will appear at the end of the nail.

< p data-track="21">But is the crescent moon really related to personal health? Answer: Not really!

Crescent is a very natural phenomenon in the process of nail growth, everyone’s The number and size of crescents on the nails are different.

And the relationship between its quantity and health is not great, but some people’s nails grow faster Slow or the methyl group is in the back position. In this case, the crescent is not easy to be seen by people, and it does not mean that there is a problem with the body.

White spots and depressions appear on the nails, is it lack of trace elements?

Clinically, the problem of white spots appearing on the nails is called leukonychia dots. This kind of problem belongs to decompression, nails or collision A mark left behind by a nail.

It takes a certain amount of time for the nail to re-grow. Generally, it may take two months after the trauma to see the white Do not worry too much about the white spots on your nails. This is not caused by the lack of trace elements.

As the nails continue to grow, the white spots on the nails will slowly grow upwards and appear A condition that gradually disappears.

Reminder: If there are 4 symptoms on the nails, you need to pay attention to them

About nail problems, you really need to pay attention to the following 4 changes:< /span>

Blackened Nails – Melanoma

When the melanin gathers together, it means that the local production of melanin has increased, and it is likely to be a stable mole at the beginning, but if it is The nature has changed.

For example, if it turns black, widens or spreads to the surroundings, it means that the situation is more dangerous, so it must be checked as soon as possible Rule out whether it is a cancer problem.

Color Segmentation – Kidney Disease< /p>

Nails of healthy people generally maintain a stable color and shape, and will recover quickly after being squeezed and discolored, so nails There is a fault in the color, which is generally closely related to the disease.

When half of your nails are white and the other half are pink, red, or brown, it’s more likely to be linked to chronic kidney disease.

And this kind of problem is called Lindsay’s nail in medicine, the original laughing white crescent on the nail Enlargement is also affected by kidney disease.

thickened nails – fungal infection

Onychomycosis is very good If you want to prevent infection and then trim your nails, you must pay more attention to it, and you must use special nail clippers.

But there is a kind of eczema, the nails are very similar to onychomycosis, they are also nails, rough , Turbidity, but this kind of problem will not be contagious, and it is impossible to smear it with the medicine for the treatment of onychomycosis.

Petle Fingers – Lung Disease

The appearance of clubbing does not necessarily mean that disease, but it is a typical symptom of many diseases, so we all have to treat it strictly.

Generally, after the normal finger is straightened, the angle formed by the nail and the first joint is 160 degrees, while the clubbed The finger is generally greater than 180 degrees, and it looks like a pestle, so it gets its name.

The occurrence of clubbing is mostly closely related to lung cancer, so in daily life, if you find yourself with this It is clubbing, so you must check your lungs as soon as possible to see if there is any problem.

How to care for nails correctly?

1. Do not pick or bite your nails casually in daily life. If you find that your nails are getting longer, trim them in time;< /span>

2. Pay more attention when under the war, try not to cut too short, keep it two times longer than the deck below About one millimeter is enough, and the cut is a natural radian;

3. It is not recommended to go to frequent manicures , this is because nail polish and nail polish can easily irritate the nails;

4. After trimming After the nails, the hands should be cleaned accordingly, and if necessary, hand cream can also be applied to moisturize the skin around them;

5. When there are barbs on the nails, don’t tear them. Be sure to cut them off in time with nail clippers to avoid infection of the wound.

Conclusion: After reading this article, maybe everyone has a corresponding response to the abnormal changes Understand, in short, if you find abnormal problems with your nails, you must seek medical attention in time, and don’t miss the signal sent by the disease to your body.