Can Drinking Bone Broth Supplement Calcium? Doctor: These are the real calcium supplements, maybe many people don’t like to eat them

Introduction: The topic of calcium supplementation has always been a topic that we all pay more attention to. Although almost everyone has the awareness of calcium supplementation, not everyone Everyone knows calcium supplementation!

There are even some people who think that calcium supplementation is something for middle-aged and elderly people and children. It is dead wrong. Our human bone density generally reaches its peak around the age of 25, and then begins a slow decline after the age of 30.

So we should take calcium supplements while we are young. The risk of osteoporosis will also be reduced accordingly, so whether it is a child, the elderly, middle-aged or young people need to know how to supplement calcium reasonably.

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Long-term calcium deficiency, how will the body be affected?


Long-term calcium deficiency means that bone mass will continue to be lost. For middle-aged and elderly people, the probability of osteoporosis will improve.

Osteoporosis means that the bones become thinner and more fragile prone to injury.

Cardiovascular disease

The role of calcium is not only to effectively maintain bones, such as the strength of muscles and even the strength of the inner wall of blood vessels, they all need calcium for support.

If calcium deficiency occurs Phenomenon, the elasticity of muscles and blood vessels will be reduced, which includes cardiac muscle and cardiovascular.

If the motivation of the two is insufficient, it will easily increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart arteriosclerosis, and it will also easily Increase the risk of serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Metabolic diseases

Calcium deficiency in the body means that there is likely to be a problem of calcium metabolism disorder, which will have a certain stable effect on endocrine function, thus easily inducing metabolic diseases Appear.

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Each person has different calcium requirements in each period

According to the contents of the “Reference Intakes of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents”,Each person has different requirements for calcium in each period, and the details are as follows:

  • Baby daily requirement: 300mg;
  • Daily requirement for children after 7 years old: 800mg;
  • Adults Daily requirement: 800mg;
  • Elderly needs: 1000mg per day;
  • Pregnant women need daily: 1200mg.

However, according to relevant data research, it shows that the daily calcium The elemental intake is only 400mg.

If this is the case for a long time, the loss of bone calcium will also increase with age, and Under the influence of this kind of problem, it will be easy to induce and more serious diseases will appear. Therefore, for most people, reasonable supplementation is needed, so how should we supplement calcium correctly?


Can drinking bone broth supplement calcium?

When it comes to calcium supplementation, perhaps many people will first think of drinking bone soup, In fact, drinking bone broth can not supplement calcium!

We all need to start from the source, first when cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals are slaughtered, The various hormones in the body will lose their activity, so it is impossible to rely on the animal body to release calcium.

The bones do contain a certain amount of calcium, but most of the calcium in it is insoluble in water The hydroxyapatite crystals in the body need to cooperate with various hormones in the body to be able to release it.

In addition, the calcium content in the bone broth boiled for a long time is not up to to 1/10 of the milk, so it is simply unreliable to drink glucose to supplement calcium.

In addition, drinking bone soup for a long time will not only fail to supplement calcium, but may also bring certain harm to your health , Bone broth contains a lot of fat and purine, regular drinking will easily increase the risk of obesity and gout.

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Besides, eating shrimp skins can’t supplement calcium either!

The calcium element in shrimp skin is very high, and there is still calcium in every 100 grams of shrimp skin It is 9.5 times that of milk, so many people think that eating shrimp skin can definitely supplement calcium. In fact, such an idea is completely wrong.

This is mainly because everyone eats small shrimp skins every time, and the calcium content is not high How much will there be.

In addition, it is difficult for the teeth and stomach to fully grind the shrimp chips, and the calcium contained in the shrimp skin is mainly It is a complex type of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body.

Moreover, the salt content in the shrimp skin is very high, excessive intake will easily increase the occurrence of high salt problems , and even easily lead to high blood pressure problems.


Doctor: These are the real calcium supplements, maybe many people don’t like them

green leafy vegetables

Perhaps everyone does not know that the calcium content in green leafy vegetables is also very high, some even higher than milk, which is rich in magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C and other nutrients.

The green leafy vegetables with relatively high calcium content include sweet potato leaves, shepherd’s purse, mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, Rapeseed heart, etc., about 100 mg to 300 mg per 100 grams.

Soy products

< p data-track="44">The content of tofu is generally 160 mg per 100 mg, while the dried tofu made from soybeans has a higher calcium content, about 300 mg per 100 g .

Often eat soybean products , not only can be a good calcium supplement, but soybean products are also a good food source of isoflavones.

A flavone, a substance that helps fight oxidative stress, can help maintain bone health, for menopausal women As far as it is concerned, it can also properly make up for the lack of estrogen, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis in menopausal women.

Milk and Dairy Products

The calcium content of milk and dairy products is also very high. This may be a problem that we all know.

and milk And the calcium content in dairy products is easily absorbed by the body, and most of them are liquids for easy eating, such as yogurt, milk, milk powder, cheese, etc. The calcium content is about 100~600mg/100g.

Fish and shrimp and other aquatic products< /p>

Among various aquatic products, crab meat, fish meat, shrimp meat and shellfish contain relatively high calcium content.

For example, the calcium content in Yuli is generally 50~150 mg per 100 grams, while barium The calcium content is also relatively high, about 200mg/100g.

In addition, the fats in fish and shrimp aquatic products are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can help To care for cardiovascular health.

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The more calcium the better?

Although calcium supplementation is very important, excessive calcium supplementation is not only not beneficial , but will easily bring harm to health.

Excessive calcium supplementation will easily increase the calcium content in the blood, resulting in hypercalcemia disease problem. However, related studies have found that excessive calcium supplementation can easily increase the risk of osteoporosis to 50%.

So in general, although calcium supplementation is a very good behavior, we should also pay attention to appropriate and reasonable To supplement calcium.


< span>Promote calcium absorption, these 3 points are very important

Pay attention to a small amount and many times Calcium supplement

We must pay attention to step-by-step calcium supplementation, but the amount of calcium supplementation should not be too much , otherwise it will be prone to poor absorption.

Pay attention to the time point< /strong>

If you take calcium supplements for calcium supplementation, the best time for calcium supplementation is before going to bed. The blood calcium concentration is relatively low, which can help the absorption of calcium.

Calcium supplementation Forgot vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps calcium absorption Important substances, while supplementing calcium, you also need more sun exposure or foods rich in vitamin D, which can promote calcium absorption very well.

Conclusion: Bones are very important to the body. We should pay more attention to calcium supplementation in old age and youth and middle age, so as to make our bones stronger and more effective. Promote personal health!