Vegetarian actually eat gallstones? Experts tell the truth

“Vegetable tofu keeps you safe”, among friends who advocate health preservation, vegetarianism has always been advocated as a healthy diet. However, to the surprise of the 54-year-old Mr. Yang, his long-term “good habit” of vegetarianism turned out to be a disaster.

Mr. Yang, a 54-year-old patient from Luojiang, Deyang, needs a long-term vegetarian diet due to his special occupation.

Half a year ago, Mr. Yang, who was admitted to the hospital due to kidney stone surgery, accidentally discovered that he had gallstones.

△Mr. Yang’s gallstones

The gallstones that were almost forgotten by Mr. Yang, but recently broke out The persistent pain in his upper right abdomen made him restless, so he made up his mind to “defuse the bomb”. He heard that gallbladder stones would be cut into the gallbladder, so he was naturally unwilling. After searching a lot of information, on November 7, he decisively found an expert in the field of gallbladder stone removal and a consultant of the China Gallbladder Protection Alliance. Director Chen Hongchun, an expert, was admitted to the First Hepatobiliary Ward of Sichuan Stone Disease Hospital.

However, what Director Chen Hongchun said made Mr. Yang feel a little uneasy: “The preoperative examination is not very optimistic, your gallstones are very If you have too many gallbladders, and the contraction function of the gallbladder is not very good, I can try to protect your gallbladder, and if it is found that the gallbladder is not in good condition during the operation, I will transfer the gallbladder to you.”


In order to relieve the patient’s symptoms as soon as possible, Director Chen Hongchun arranged surgery for Mr. Yang the next day. During the operation, as Director Chen expected, not only the texture of the gallbladder had shrunk and hardened, the elasticity was poor, and the contractile function was significantly reduced. Large stones incarcerated the neck of the gallbladder, resulting in no bile flow into the gallbladder cavity.

In layman’s terms, because of the delay in treatment, Mr. Yang’s gallbladder has been “damaged” by stones and can only be removed.

How can you get stones if you are a vegetarian?

“It is said that a greasy diet is easy to get gallstones, so why do I get gallstones even when I am a vegetarian?” Mr. Yang expressed great perplexity.

Director Chen Hongchun said: “Mr. Yang suffers from gallstones, which is precisely related to his long-term vegetarianism. Vegetarianism will increase the risk of gallstones. People who often eat vegetarians or go on a diet, gallbladder The contraction ability gradually weakens, which easily causes bile to concentrate and viscous, which changes the proportion of bile components, precipitates to form cholesterol crystals, and forms stones over time.”

< p data-track="12">Key points: This is about long-term extreme vegetarianism. Don’t be too afraid to be vegetarian once in a while.

In addition, long-term “clear soup with little water” will also lead to insufficient nutrients such as fat and minerals, which will be harmful to human bone development and fertility. Although some vegetables and fruits also contain these nutrients, such as calcium, iron, etc., the absorption rate of these nutrients in vegetarian food is very low, only 10% of that of meat.

Finally, Director Chen Hongchun suggested that ordinary people should try their best to mix meat and vegetables in their daily diet, with a balanced intake of meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruits. Work and rest should be regular, especially three meals regular, must eat breakfast. If gallstones are found, they must be treated as soon as possible. The sooner the gallbladder is treated, the better the function of the gallbladder and the higher the chance of gallbladder preservation. Remember not to delay!