World AIDS Day | Holding hands and holding red ribbons, heart to heart to prevent AIDS


【 Introduction】

December 1, 2022 is the 35th “World AIDS Day”. In order to further promote the high-quality development of AIDS prevention and control work in the new era, and comprehensively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in AIDS prevention and control work, combined with the promotional theme “Equalize” of the 2022 World AIDS Day determined by UNAIDS, the Office of the State Council AIDS Prevention and Control Work Committee decided And announced that the theme of our country’s publicity activities this year is “To fight AIDS and share health”.

One, what Is it AIDS?

AIDS is a serious infectious disease with great harm and high fatality rate. There is no vaccine.

AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS virus, HIV) It is a progressive immune deficiency characterized by cytopenia, and a comprehensive disease that can be secondary to various opportunistic infections, malignant tumors, and central nervous system lesions in the late stage of the disease.

Second, what are the transmission routes of AIDS?

There are three main routes of AIDS transmission that have been confirmed, sexual transmission, blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission.

Third, what behaviors are prone to HIV infection?

Having sex without a condom; having sex with multiple people; intravenous drug use and sharing needles; transfusion of HIV-contaminated blood or blood products; pregnant women with AIDS not taking blockers , breastfeeding, etc.

4. Which behaviors will not cause HIV infection?

Shaking hands, hugging, sharing phones, sharing toilets, sharing swimming pools, eating at the same table, etc., will not be infected with AIDS.

5. What measures can prevent AIDS?

1. The correct use of qualified condoms is the fundamental guarantee for controlling the sexual transmission of AIDS;

2. Self-cleaning and observing sexual ethics are the key measures to prevent the sexual transmission of AIDS;

3. Refuse drugs, especially injection suctionToxic; in very special cases, clean needles must be used;

4. Do not go to barber shops, beauty salons, public baths and other places that are not strictly sterilized to prevent infection caused by equipment scratching the skin;

5. Women who have been infected with AIDS should take blocking drugs in time after pregnancy and refuse to breastfeed.

【Author of this issue】

Meng Yuqing, STD and AIDS Prevention and Control Institute of Shenyang Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is engaged in AIDS prevention and control work, committed to caring for AIDS patients and curbing the spread of AIDS.