Urgent reminder! Continuous occurrences in many places in Fujian! Severe cases can lead to death! Be careful in the near future…

Xiamen: Man with unexplained high fever and multiple organ failure It was actually bitten by it!


Xiamen citizen Mr. Lin has a high fever for unknown reasons

Multi-organ failure

Fortunately, the doctor found the culprit in time

The groin was bitten by a tsutsugamushi!

Only a life can be saved after symptomatic treatment!

Mr. Lin is a Didi driver. In the last ten days, he suddenly had a high fever of to 40℃, and went to Xiamen First Hospital for examination, and the blood inflammatory indicators were not high. After antipyretic treatment, his body temperature dropped, but repeatedly. A week later, Mr. Lin went to the doctor again, examined the abnormally high creatinine value, and was admitted to the nephrology department treat.

The doctor removed his clothes for a full body examination, in his groin A skin ulcer was found at the site, highly suspected of scrub typhus. On the second day after admission, Mr. Lindramatic deterioration of his condition, multiple organ failure, creatinine Soaring to more than 600 (normally no more than 130), breathing heavily, was rushed to the ICU for emergency treatment. Further tests later confirmed that Mr. Lin was indeed suffering from scrub typhus.

It is reported that Mr. Lin lives in an old community with a lot of weeds in the parking lot. Doctors analyzed that Mr. Lin was probably bitten by tsutsugamushi while passing through the grass. During his stay in the ICU, Mr. Lin’s creatinine rose to over 1000, and his renal function was severely impaired. , to rely on hemodialysis to maintain life. After treatment, he was able to breathe on his own, and many indicators gradually returned to normal.

It was a coincidence

in Nanping

also had a tsutsugamushi bite incident!



Family of three bitten

Woman continues to have high fever! Many indicators soared!

Recently, a woman in Shaowu, Nanping went up to the mountains to farm with her father-in-law and mother-in-law. All three were bitten by tsutsugamushi. On July 11, repeated fever and liver damage was found on blood tests, 31-year-old Ying (pseudonym) was referred from the local hospital in Shaowu to the Department of Gastroenterology of Fujian Provincial Hospital.

Aying told the doctor that at the end of June, she and her father-in-law and mother-in-law went back to planting bamboo. More than ten days after returning home,all three suddenly had a fever. On the 11th, she felt that she could not bear it anymore and went to a local hospital to see a doctor. She was suspected of having acute hepatitis and was recommended to be referred to Fuzhou immediately.

The gastroenterologist of the provincial hospital analyzed the condition after receiving the consultation. On examination, it was found that not only her liver function, but also her heart, lung, kidney and coagulation functions were abnormal, and she had multiple organ dysfunction span> (MODS), “Rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, transaminase, creatinine, etc.The values ​​of many indicators are very high, and the continuous high fever reaches 40 °C!”

The doctor examined the skin of A Ying in detail.A diameter of about 1.5cm was found in the perineum ‘s wound. A Ying recalled: “This wound was indeed discovered after going to the mountains. At that time, the wound was neither painful nor itchy, but a black scab appeared on the skin, so I plucked it out by myself. dropped.”

The doctor tested her for the pathogen, and the examination report showed:Orientia tsutsugamushi detected. Accurate antibacterial treatment was started immediately after diagnosis, body temperature returned to normal after 1 day, and normal eating was possible after 2 days. Later, Ah Ying’s mother-in-law also came to the provincial hospital. The examination revealed that her blood routine and liver and kidney function were also abnormal, and she had to be hospitalized with Aying.

About scrub typhus

scrub typhus is an acute infection caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi Symptoms include eschar, fever, rash, and lymphadenopathy, and rodents are the main source of infection.

Introduced by doctors, the disease occurs frequently in the southeastern coastal areas, Xiamen 6 -August is the peak incidence period. Chigger larvae generally like to bite wet and sweaty parts such as armpits and groin.If the disease is severe Or delay in treatment timing can lead to multiple organ failure and even death. Humans are generally susceptible to Orientia tsutsugamushi.

How to prevent scrub typhus


Keep the environment clean and dry to prevent the breeding of mice and chiggers.

Do not sit, lie down and rest on the grass by the stream and gully in summer and autumn. Tie your clothes and trousers tightly when working in the field. The exposed skin can be painted to avoid agent.

Chemical killing can be carried out in places where people and rats often move and where chiggers breed.

If there is a history of field activities

Physical discomfort

Check for bug bites

Go to the hospital for examination in time

Insect bites are common in summer! Look out everyone! except tsutsugamushiin Zhangzhou, FujianThere has also been an ant biting incident recently! Go to hospital! ! ! Zhangzhou:< h1>Woman was bitten by ants while eating lychee

nearly died!

Recently, Ms. Chen from Pantuo Town, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou, was bitten on her finger by an ant attached to her body while eating lychees The bite occursswelling of the skin, edema of the lips, and even hoarseness , even lost consciousness for a time while on the way to the doctorin critical condition.

Ms. Chen was taken to Zhangpu County Hospital for emergency treatment , the shock blood pressure was measured, the doctor on duty asked the medical history and physical examination, and considered that Ms. Chen was in anaphylactic shock after being bitten by an ant.

Are you thinking strong>

The little ant is nothing to be afraid of

It’s the little ant span>

nearly killed


Ants are the most common insects on earth and are the most numerous species of insects. It is estimated that there are about 11,700 known species of ants in the world. There are more than 600 ant species identified in China. Ants are sensitive to temperature and are mostly active in hot weather. Among them, the invasive species RIFA has the ability to be aggressive and repeat stings to humans. After being stung by RIFA, the human body will feel pain like a fire burn, and then there will be blisters like burns. Most people only feel pain and discomfort, and a few people are allergic to the toxin protein in the venom, which will cause anaphylactic shock and the risk of death. If the blisters or pustules are ruptured, it is easy to cause secondary bacterial infection if you do not pay attention to cleanliness.

Accidentally bitten by an ant, what should I do?

(1) Timely wound treatment

1. After being bitten by an ant, peel it off with a tissue or other items, and do not brush it off with your hands to avoid being bitten twice;

< p>Second, the ant venom is acidic, and the affected area can be washed with soapy water, 5%-10% sodium bicarbonate solution and other alkaline liquids;

Three, local swelling and itching can be treated with ice to reduce blood and lymphatic spread, and reduce swelling and pain;

4. Those with itching and erythema can use topical corticosteroid-containing ointment (such as desonide ointment, dermatitis, etc.) or antipruritic water (a hundred parts tincture), and oral anti-allergic drugs (such as deslorata

5. Keep the wound at the bite site clean and do not scratch it with your hands to avoid secondary infection.

(2) Seek immediate medical attention

If you have obvious symptoms, such as heart palpitations, fainting, difficulty breathing, throat swelling, sweating, etc. You should seek medical help promptly. In particular, if people with sensitive constitutions have large areas of allergies, fever and dizziness, they should call 120 for emergency treatment in time.

How to prevent ant bites?

I. Personal protection is required for work or outdoor activities in areas with many ants. Wear long clothes and trousers to avoid Expose the skin;

Second, do not provoke ants at will, especially avoid stepping on ant nests;< /p>

Third, clean up garbage and weeds, and carry out actions to kill harmful ants.

Insect bites are common in summer! In addition to ants, there are spiders! Just a few days agoa man was caught Spider bites

multiple organ failure

Sent to ICU for rescue

The news went directly to the hot search!

Recently, 63-year-old He Dabo, a 63-year-old farmer in Foshan, Guangdong, was working in the fields. Sudden! A burst of pain came from the right wrist. Looking down, he was bitten by a spider, “about the size of a thumb.” After that, he shot it to death. At first, Uncle He didn’t have any symptoms, so didn’t care much.

Unexpectedly, an hour later,his arm began to swell and appear bruised and purple. Soon after, appearedobvious dizziness and chest tightness, because the symptoms were still Tolerable, he did not go to the hospital.

The next morning, however,Uncle He’s symptoms of shortness of breath began to get worse, the arm that was bitten swelled to twice its original size, and his family rushed him to the hospital .

Tao Fei, Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital:When the patient came in,the state of consciousness was not very good, and told him to barely In response, the nervous system has been damaged, and the other is that the breathing is relatively short, and oxygen is given to his high-flow mask, indicating that there has been a breathing problem. There is also a need to use vasopressors to maintain blood pressure, indicating that his circulatory function is also blocked, and the entire forearm to the arm is swollen and shiny.

Because of the appearance of Uncle Homulti-organ functions such as respiration, circulation and kidney function The medical team decided to immediately transfer himto the ICU for emergency treatment,for plasma exchange and blood purification,< /span> and open the wound for drainage. Because of timely treatment, Uncle He’s arm was saved, and the condition was also controlled.

Wang Jianhua, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Fosun Fosun Chancheng Hospital:< /span>People can sit up, they can take care of their basic life, and their consciousness is very clear. However, in terms of examination, his liver function and renal function are still slightly elevated, which has greatly improved compared with the previous situation in the ICU.

Because Uncle He didn’t bring the spider, the doctor didn’t know what kind of spider he was bitten by. Uncle Ho’s situation can also reflect that the spider is very poisonous. The doctor reminds, Wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers as much as possible during outdoor activities, and tie the trousers and sleeves when necessary to prevent insect bites.

Note ! Notice! Notice! Summer, high temperatures continueit’s the time when the pests are activein the outdoorsPersonal protection should be done in a timely mannerNot yet! Keep this useful insect control manual↓↓↓ strong>