The 8-year-old boy “returned to normal”, the twins “woke up”, and the summer vacation became the peak period for children’s eye “plastic surgery”

Changjiang Daily Wuhan Client July 25th (Correspondent Pei Nishang) Every winter and summer vacation is the peak period for children’s eye “plastic surgery” in hospitals. According to the statistics of Aier Eye Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University, more than ten patients with strabismus were admitted to the hospital every day this summer, and more than 80% of the children were teenagers. Most parents say that their children are usually busy with their studies, so they take advantage of the summer vacation for surgery.

The strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology clinic is almost full of waiting children.

8-year-old boy corrected strabismus through surgery

The 8-year-old Liangliang is from Hanchuan. One and a half years ago, Liangliang Mom suddenly noticed that Liangliang’s eyes slanted outwards, but she recovered quickly and didn’t take it seriously. Two months ago, my mother noticed that Liangliang’s eyes were slanted outwards more and more frequently, and the recovery time was relatively long, so she quickly took her child to Aier Eye Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University for treatment.

Dai Hongbin, member of the Standing Committee of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Hubei Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and chief physician of the department of strabismus, amblyopia and pediatric ophthalmology, confirmed that Liangliang had strabismus and required surgical correction. However, considering that she has not yet been on vacation, Liangliang’s mother said that she will come back for the operation in the summer. On July 23, my mother brought Liangliang, who was on summer vacation, to the hospital for strabismus surgery.

Director Dai Hongbin introduced that strabismus not only affects appearance, but more importantly affects binocular vision. When a child looks straight ahead with both eyes, if one eye squints, the strabismus eye will turn a blind eye to the object in front of him, that is, one eye is in a state of inhibition, at this time, both eyes cannot see the object at the same time, and there is no sense of depth. and stereoscopic.

Because students are usually busy with their studies, some parents are afraid that their children will be absent from school and are unwilling to ask for medical treatment during school hours, resulting in many minor illnesses in summer. Director Dai Hongbin reminded that patients can make scientific and reasonable arrangements according to their own time, and try to stagger the peak period of medical treatment.

Twin siblings no longer look up after ptosis surgery

7-year-old Ning Ning and Zhizhi are twins who suffer from Congenital ptosis, unable to open eyes from birth. “The doctor said that when the child grows up, the eyes will slowly open,” said the father of the siblings.

However, as the age gets older, the child’s eye condition not only does not ease, but becomes more and more obvious. “The two children have no friends, because when they go out, they will be laughed at by other children, saying that they ‘couldn’t wake up’ all day long. We are also very distressed.”

At the Aier Eye Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University 11 In Lou’s inpatient department, when Ningning and Zhizhi were talking to other children in the hospital, they always looked up, raised their chin, and frowned. The mother of the sister and brother introduced that the previous examination in the hospital was congenital ptosis, so she came for surgery because of the long summer vacation.

Last week, Tu Huifang, Chief Physician of Eyelid and Orbital Disease/Ophthalmology Cosmetic and Cosmetic Specialist, successfully performed the operation for the sister and brother through the levator myofascial sheath retraction. After the operation, Ning Ning and Zhi Zhi can finally stop looking up at people.

Director Tu Huifang reminded: Children’s congenital ptosis covers the pupil, which not only hinders the appearance, but also blocks the field of vision, so that the light cannot enter the eye, which affects the development of vision, and leads to amblyopia with deprivation. Post-corrected visual acuity could not improve. Therefore, she suggested that the operation should be performed as soon as possible, and it is not necessary to wait until the winter and summer vacations. Once the optimal treatment period is missed, it will adversely affect the physical and mental health of the child.

[Editor: Yu Lina]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]