Ups and downs are the normal state of life, in the face of difficulties, Wang Jianlin is invincible

A long life is always ups and downs. If we don’t persist or lack perseverance, we will eventually achieve nothing. How heroic or how brilliant, at least when we look back on life, we never regret that we didn’t persevere.

Many successful people will always share some of their successful experiences, although they The success of the company cannot be replicated, but we can get a lot of inspiration from its successful experience. We should accept the experience and way of thinking that are useful to us. Only in this way can we avoid detours on the road to success. Today, let’s take a look at what inspiration the success of Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin can bring to you.

Wang Jianlin once surpassed Li Ka-shing and Ma Yun to become the richest man in my country in 2013. His industries spread all over the world, and his assets even involved overseas real estate, entertainment and sports industries.

A person’s life is accompanied by good and bad, this is the normal life, and the development of career is impossible The same is true for Wang Jianlin who has never experienced a downturn. In 2017, he experienced a downturn in his life. At that time, he was unflappable and led the company to turn around with great determination and strength. He officially announced that Wanda Group began to fully implement the asset-light strategy.

As soon as this news came out, it caused an uproar in the outside world. Everyone knows that Wang Jianlin has always led Wanda to face difficulties and move forward bravely with forbearance and tenacity, courage and wisdom, as well as his unique vision and bold courage. So after just a few years, he and Wanda returned to the public eye again, and he himself returned to the rich list again.

His success is not accidental, not only Because he dared to face the crisis, but also because he had the strength and perseverance to stand up again after a fall and move on.

As a large multinational company, Wanda has made a series of brilliant achievements in the field of real estate. The landmark buildings abroad include: London, England, adjacent to Buckingham Palace and the 200-meter London Eye The high-rise urban buildings, the jewel three-tower project on the Gold Coast of Australia, the comprehensive landmark project in Sydney, and the comprehensive landmark project of luxury apartments and brand hotels in the United States, Wanda Group has gained a reputation in recent years.

Along the way, Wang Jianlin and Wanda Group can be said to have ups and downs in the business world, Despite the ups and downs, Wanda’s achievements today are closely related to the courage and courage of Chairman Wang Jianlin. He used practice to tell us that when faced with difficulties and setbacks, we must have a good attitude to face the crisis calmly, so that we can find a solution faster, seize opportunities, and achieve nirvana.