“Father of Fudan University” 100-year-old Ma Xiangbo: No illness for 60 years, thanks to 5 secrets


He is a famous educator, writer and thinker in modern my country , founder and first president of Fudan University.

He is Mr. Ma Xiangbo known as the “Father of Fudan University” , as we all know, his works are as numerous as his body, and his peaches and plums are all over the world. Many of his works still have great influence.

Let’s take a look at his students to see how powerful he is: Liang Qichao, Cai Yuanpei, Wang Kangnian, Ma Junwu, Shao Lizi, and Yu Youren, all of whom were later pillars of the country .

Mr. Ma Xiangbo was born in 1840 and died in 1939. He owned 100 At the age of 10 years old, under the circumstances at that time, it was definitely a first-class old birthday star.

So, in terms of health preservation, what are Mr. Ma Xiangbo’s unique tricks?


Born in adversity, Mr. Ma Xiangbo did not succumb to the arrangement of fate. When he was a child, he had high ambitions and wanted to achieve a vigorous career when he grew up.

Learning has become his only way.

When he was young, he emerged and showed extraordinary talent. At the age of 34, he has learned both Chinese and Western languages ​​and is proficient in 7 languages.

However, he is low-key and unassuming. His calm and good attitude not only makes him outstanding professionally, but also maintains his physical health quite well.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo attaches great importance to good inner cultivation and spiritual cultivation.

There is no doubt that this is also an important part of health preservation.

Some people say that if you have a good heart, you will know everything;


There is an old saying in China, “He who is happy will be healthy, and the benevolent will live long.”

Happiness means happiness; benevolence means compassion and kindness.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo has both of these two points, so it is logical to live a long and healthy life.

In life, he is an optimist who thinks of the best in everything and is always full of hope in his heart.

If you encounter difficulties with others, you will definitely work hard help. After doing good deeds, you don’t ask for anything in return, just laugh it off.

“Be strict with yourself and be lenient to others” is his life policy;

“Be kind to others and be plain” is the tone of his life.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo also named his study “Leshantang”. and standards of conduct.



In his octogenarian years, Mr. Ma Xiangbo’s cultivation was at its peak, unrivaled.

At that time, his inner peace was as peaceful as Still water, stable mood like a spring mountain, neither arrogant nor impetuous, neither angry nor angry, neither in a hurry nor in a hurry, it is completely in a state of perfection.

A reporter interviewed him and asked about his What is the way to keep in good health?

He said: “There is no other way to keep in good health, only ‘peace of mind’. “

Health, in the final analysis, is to nourish the heart. Because the heart is the commander of a person, when a person’s heart is bright and clear, and the spring is full of spring, how can he live a long and healthy life?< /p>


Mr. Ma Xiangbo has many interests and hobbies. On the one hand, he can cultivate his sentiments, on the other hand, he can also cultivate his mind, and more importantly, he can make people full and interesting, and make people happy.

First of all, he likes to read books and newspapers. There used to be an old saying that a scholar knows the world without going out. Why?

It is reading, studying, With the wings of knowledge, he can travel thousands of miles and experience all kinds of beings.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo reads a lot, whether it is traditional classic poetry, Western philosophy of history, or contemporary He will read carefully and chew on his masterpiece.

The second is writing and drawing .

Mr. Ma Xiangbo’s calligraphy is magnificent and magnificent.

After the age of 80, he started to learn painting again.

Third, grow flowers and feed birds.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo’s home is completely a small garden, where you linger, birds and flowers are everywhere, poetic and picturesque.

In such an environment, he is always refreshed and contented, like a fairy in the world of mortals, which is enviable.

Fourth, keep exercising.

Mr. Ma Xiangbo likes to get up early, go outdoors in the early morning to fight, take a walk, sing and sing, and learn from the old.

In the middle of work or study, he will also sneak in, stretch his arms and bend his waist, exercise his muscles and bones, and use this to relieve fatigue and boost his spirit.

Fifth, soak your feet before going to bed.

This is a project he has kept for many years. Before going to bed, he soaks his feet in hot water and massages Yongquan, Taichong, Kunlun and other acupoints to dredge qi and blood and prolong life effect.