If you want to live a long life after the age of 50, it is not to insist on exercising, but to meet the “four fast” standards

Usually we When meeting the elders, they will say some auspicious words of blessing, the most common ones are: good health, long life or long life. It can be seen that longevity is the deepest desire in everyone’s heart. After the advancement of science and technology, people all know that “longevity without bounds” is impossible, but it is indeed possible to live a long life. So what’s the difference between those who live longer? Long-lived people have “four fasts”, let’s take a look with the editor, how many of you have reached the standard?

Walk fast

< p data-track="4">Brisk walking has become a way of exercise, and there is no doubt that it will make the body healthier. A study by Curie University in France found that even if you don’t take walking as an exercise,usually I like to walk fast when I do anything, and it is also good for my body. A fast walking pace will increase the level of high-density lipoprotein in the body, that is, “good protein”, which is beneficial to protect the heart and make people live longer.

Quick response

University of Edinburgh and UK Research by the Medical Research Council demonstrates that responsive Speed ​​is the “weather vane” of better health and longevity. Unresponsive, slow-moving people are twice as likely to die prematurely than quick-reacting people. A quick response indicates good intelligence, and one does not suffer from diseases that affect brain function such as Alzheimer’s disease; agility indicates that balance and other sports abilities are fine, and accidental injuries due to falls are less likely to occur. Such people have a high probability of longevity. Doing some intellectual games, such as Sudoku, guessing puzzles, and even video games, will help keep your brain flexible; and practicing movements such as standing on one foot and walking sideways will also improve your balance.

Stool fast

< p data-track="11">In order to live a long life, all systems of the body must function normally. One of the important criteria for examining the health of the excretory system is whether the stool is smooth or not. Smooth stool means good intestinal motility and no anorectal disease; On the contrary, you can’t defecate, and the accumulation of stool will cause gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, mental stress, etc. question. The most important thing to avoid constipation isto develop good living habits, such as eating more vegetables and grains , drink plenty of water, defecate regularly, and do more health actions such as levator ani and abdominal massage . In addition, American enterology experts also recommend Laugh to relieve constipation, because laughing can make your belly vibrate, yes The bowel acts as a massage and relieves stress and tension.

Sleep fast< /span>

People who fall asleep quickly tend to have sufficient and high-quality sleep, and they can enter a deep sleep state faster, which is an important prerequisite for health care. People who fall asleep slowly will always feel Tiredness can also affect memory and disease resistance, or cause psychological problems. In order to fall asleep as soon as possible, make sure not to be too hungry, too full or too tired before going to bed. Do some small movements to relax the muscles as much as possible, such as repeatedly clenching fists, raising shoulders, clenching teeth . In addition, some experts pointed out that, sleep on the right side, and put the left hand on the left side naturally. The posture above the thighs and with the feet crossed is the most conducive to falling asleep quickly.

Co-author of this article: Wang Ronghua