Uncle Hebei’s favorite 3 bottles of “hospitality wine”, although there are not many people who drink them, they are all good wines of conscience

Uncle Hebei’s favorite 3 bottles of “hospitality wine”, although not many people drink it, they are all good wines of conscience!

The editor’s father has a good friend who is Uncle Li in Cangzhou, Hebei. When I was young, my father worked in Cangzhou, and Uncle Li was also a good friend of my father when he was working. At the beginning, Uncle Li was the chef in the factory, and his craftsmanship was very good. The editor remembers that every time Uncle Li invited us to her house for dinner, it was a very happy moment for me, and I could eat Uncle Li’s The craftsmanship is unmatched by some restaurants!

Especially the fatty sausage made by Uncle Li. Later, Uncle Li also stopped working in the factory, and opened a small restaurant by himself, and the business was very prosperous, and my father was also a regular customer there.

Later, my father also returned to his hometown, and our family moved away from Cangzhou, and we have not gone back for a long time . For Uncle Li, my father still has a very good relationship with him. Later, my father often visited Uncle Li.In recent years, he has become older and older, and his father has gone to Cangzhou less and less frequently. I happened to pass by, so I stopped by to visit Uncle Li.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, Uncle Li is still running a restaurant, and the business of the restaurant is getting more and more prosperous. Uncle Li no longer cooks by himself, and hires many chefs. It is also a very popular restaurant in his house. Uncle Li was also very happy to see that I was able to come, and specially cooked for me to entertain me. I also drank with Uncle Li for a while.

Let’s take a look at what kind of drinks can become Uncle Li’s “hospitality” bar!

“Songhe Liangye”

Uncle Li himself After drinking wine for so many years, he naturally has his unique views on wine. It is said that in the distant Southern and Northern Dynasties, the figure of this bottle of wine slowly appeared, especially in the subsequent development history, it was loved by people in many dynasties. Even if it is called a time-honored famous wine, it is not an exaggeration. I believe that friends who have tasted it will also like it very much!

After all, it is also a bottle of wine that old drinkers are familiar with, not only in Henan, its origin, but also in other regions. As a superior brand among Luzhou-flavored wines,It is also a famous wine among Yujiu. Its pure and fragrant taste, just a light sip of the sweet and thick feeling, will make you feel Like it very much.

The wine poured into the glass is also transparent and clear, you can’t even see it There is a trace of miscellaneous Chen in it! It feels soft and smooth when you drink it in your mouth, sweet and silky. Elegant and full-bodied, even after you drink it, you will still feel a little bit unsatisfied! It can be regarded as a good choice among ration wines!

“Guokang 1935”

This is Uncle Li’s favorite over the years A bottle of wine, you can often see this bottle of wine on the counter of his restaurant. Some friends may feel very strange when they hear the name of this wine. This is also the thought of many regular customers. Everyone has never heard of this bottle of wine!

Uncle Li said that they have never been to Guizhou. I believe that if you have been to Guizhou, you should have tasted this bottle of wine! Although it is just a new brand that has just been produced, the publicity is not very strong, but friends who have tasted it all praise it again and again! After Uncle Li finished drinking, his evaluation of it is:

The entrance is thick and mellow, fragrant and elegant. Just open the lid on the dining table Smell a silky and strong fragrance, which slowly drifts out from the bottle. This fragrance is pure and clean, and it is a strong old wine smell. Some friends may have doubts when they hear this :“Didn’t you say this is a new product? How can there still be the stale smell of old wine? “

At that time, you didn’t know that this bottle of wine was in it, but it was the base wine that had been added for ten years! You can think about it, this rich silk Will the smooth sweetness and the heavy smell of old wine be your favourite?Even after the production is over, it will undergo a long period of fermentation, and after a few years of precipitation, it will become richer and purer.

The best high-quality high-grain grains are used as the brewing material, if only from this aspect , can it also be called a high-quality bottle of wine?Besides, there is exquisite technology to add style to it. With the combination of various aspects, it will naturally be loved by many friends! In the supermarket, a The bottle is only more than 100 yuan. Do you like this price?

“Jinquan Gaoliang White”

Uncle Li said that this bottle of fresh and elegant fragrance wine can also be liked by him. This bottle of wine is in Shanxi, among many brands It is also a very popular one.

The elegant fragrance contained in this bottle of wine can be smelled just by opening the lid! Just seeing the crystal clear color, isn’t it? Will it slowly whet your appetite?It has an extremely fragrant, rich and silky elegance, and I believe friends who like it will definitely drink a few more glasses.

But I am afraid you will be deceived by its “appearance” up! In fact, this bottle of wine is as high as fifty-three degrees! If you don’t pay attention and take a big gulp, you will inevitably feel a little uncomfortable. As long as you taste it carefully and take a small sip, the mellow and rich ancient rhyme hidden in it will definitely make you love it.

We are here today, I wonder if these three bottles of wine can be liked by you?