Dating tips for boys must-see! The reproducible dating routine made her instantly excited

1. Arriving early or late

If you arrive early when you are dating a girl, then when you see the girl, say: “My mother said something before, and suddenly I feel Really”

Usually girls will ask: “What did you say?”

At this time, you can say: “Good-looking people are used to being late” and then smirk.

If you are late, the girl said: “Why are you here so late?”

You can fiddle with your hair and say: “This is not to welcome you, my concubine, I dressed up specially”

Second, eat desserts

Ask her: “You probably don’t like sweets

If a girl says: “I like to eat”

Then you can say: “No wonder you make people feel so sweet”

If Girls say: “I don’t like sweets.”

You say: “No wonder it’s a bit fierce”

< p>Third, the back is beautiful

Say to her: “I think your back is super beautiful”

If the girl’s reaction is better, she may tell you:

“You mean I’m a killer from behind?”

You can say: “The killer is a bit unlikely , but you are more or less a pig killer”

If the girl’s reaction is not good, then you can praise and pull back and say: “But you are more charming from the front”

Fourth, praise the hair on her hand

Looking at the girl’s hand, she smiled and said: “Your hair is so delicate , I want to take a picture of you”

Then I turned on the phone camera and pointed it at her hand. If you like the feeling of being pummeled by girls, then you must try this routine.

Five, when to sleep

Looking at the girl, said: “What time did you sleep last night”

Usually girls will say what time they go to bed, then you can say: “I heard that good-looking people like to sleep at this time”

If the girl doesn’t say what time she is Sleepy, but ask you what’s wrong?

You say: “I’m afraid if I tell you, you will hit me”

If she hits you, you Just say: “It’s quite comfortable”

If the girl doesn’t respond, or if I don’t want to know, then you can say: “Hit me quickly, I will I’ll tell you”

If a girl hits you, you just smile and say, “You beat me too hard and forget about it”

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