The top 10 weird phenomena in today’s society are so realistic that you can see them in a cold sweat

Hello everyone! I am “Family Grocery Shopping”. My main task is to enter the market, go to the mall, go to the big fair, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. Use your own efforts to make your family eat well, drink well, and stay healthy. Going in and out all day, meeting all kinds of people and encountering all kinds of things, you can also learn a lot of knowledge and understand many social realities.

Today, I will share with you the top ten strange phenomena in today’s society. It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch it, you can really break out in a cold sweat after watching it. Is this the social reality we live in? Let’s take a look together to see if it is in line with today’s social status quo.

1. Boys have greasy hair and noodles, wear earrings, and are sissy, girls behave weirdly, smoke and drink, speak foul words, and are female men

2. Being honest and down-to-earth has become a fool, and hypocrisy and tact have become stable and mature.

3. Self-cultivation is regarded as weakness, and unreasonableness becomes a hero .

4. Those who work hard are not as good as those who speculate and play tricks, and those who are professional are not as good as those who are in the circle.

5. An old opera player who plays for a lifetime is not as good as a little fresh meat actor a play. An old engineer who has worked all his life is not as good as a young person who can make a PPT.

6. It is better to speculate in real estate than to do business Son, opening a physical store is not as good as opening an online store. Ten years of hard work is not as good as buying a house ten years ago.

7. You take the first place in the grade test every year, and he plays games in the dormitory every day. After graduation, he inherits the family company as the boss, and you haven’t found a job yet.

8. Many people have time I walk around with my pet dog, but I don’t have time to accompany my parents to fulfill my filial piety.

9. The more affectionate you are, the less you will like it. Slag is more popular.

10. The more popular, the more professional The worse the level, the higher the professional level, but no one pays attention to the high level..