Two types of people who are not suitable for eating “crab roe”

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Crab roe is the hepatopancreas and gonads of crabs. This part is fatty, rich in nutrients and delicious in taste. The roe of the female crab also includes the ovaries, and the white crab paste next to the roe of the male crab is its accessory gonads, which are most people can eat.

Although it is true that the fat is relatively high, the crab roe itself is not much, so it is okay to eat a little during the festival. And more than half of crab fat is relatively healthy unsaturated fatty acids, and some EPA and DHA are also added. [2]

But there are two types of people who are really not suitable for eating crab roe:

One ​​is people with dyslipidemia, hypercholesterolemia. Cholesterol is high in crab roe.

The second is pregnant women. Heavy metals such as cadmium, [3] and pollutants such as dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls are easily enriched in the hepatopancreas, which are harmful to fetal development. It is recommended to eat less or no crab roe, crab meat does not matter.

Editor: Wan Wan Jin Jin

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