Is it too much to eat 2 “persimmons” at a time? Some people really have to be careful!

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It is fine to eat two persimmons at a time, but persimmons have high tannic acid content, not recommended for people with poor digestive function or The elderly eat persimmons in large quantities.

1. What are the nutrients in persimmons?

It’s time to eat persimmons again. Soft or sweet persimmons are not only delicious, but also rich in vitamins and minerals, found in common berries , is a very high content of vitamin C and manganese.

Its yellowish color also tells: I have a lot of carotenoids oh~~

2. Don’t want to eat astringent persimmons?

|Causes of astringency

Persimmons contain a lot of soluble tannic acid (that is, tannins, when we say wines with high tannins are astringent, we also mean it).

Tannins stimulate nerve endings in the oral mucosa. Persimmons that are not fully “ripe” are especially high in tannins, which may be a risk for people with fragile stomachs.

Especially when the fruit goes into the market, it needs to go through the process of transportation and storage. So some persimmons are actually picked before they are fully ripe, so special attention should be paid to them.

In addition, there is a special type of persimmon, which cannot dissolve excessive tannins on the tree itself. It must be artificially removed to become a “ripe” persimmon in our eyes.

The amount of tannin in persimmons can basically be judged by the taste. Although astringent persimmons are definitely not soft, crisp persimmons may also be sweet. So buy persimmons After that, you can try it experimentally. If you buy a sweet persimmon, you can start to taste its sweetness slowly, but if you buy a persimmon that is astringent, you may wish to further de-astringency.

|How to get rid of astringency?

The question is, how do we de-astringent persimmons?

The most convenient way is to buy two ripe apples or bananas when buying persimmons, put them in the same plastic bag, tie them tightly, and store them for a few days,< /strong>Mature fruits will produce a lot of ethylene to ripen astringent persimmons.

If there are a lot of persimmons and you plan to deastring them in batches, you can immerse the persimmons in warm water to completely isolate them from the air, moderately high temperature and anaerobic Conditions can promote the conversion of tannins into other insolubles, generally 40 degrees Celsius warm water sealed bubbles at 20-30 degrees Celsius. Of course, if you have other technologies to achieve a vacuum environment, it is not impossible.

Persimmons after deastringency should be eaten as soon as possible. Persimmons that have lost tannins will be very easy to spoil.

3. Precautions for eating persimmons

|Eat less at a time

Because persimmons have high tannic acid content, we should pay attention to controlling the amount when we eat them. It is not recommended for people with poor digestive function or the elderly to eat a lot of persimmons.

One ​​disease is stomach persimmon stone, that is, eating persimmons or other foods containing more tannic acid (such as black dates), a large amount of tannic acid may combine with the protein components in the stomach to form obstruction.

But it’s not that persimmons will be “comparable” with specific foods such as crabs. As long as it is a food containing more protein and more tannic acid, similar phenomena may occur. .

But for healthy people, the stomach and intestines can naturally digest a small amount of deposits, so don’t worry about it. Eating less than two at a time is no problem.

|Can’t eat persimmons for anemia?

Theoretically, considering that tannic acid will affect the absorption of iron, We do not recommend eating a lot of persimmons for a long time, and it is okay to eat them occasionally.

In addition, for people with anemia, we must first identify what causes the anemia.

In the case of iron-deficiency anemia, increase iron intake in the diet by adding red meat and whole blood products.

Many plant foods are also high in iron. It should be noted that their absorption rate is low. The main thing is to increase iron intake through hemoglobin iron, that is, iron from animal sources. You can also take some extra vitamin C to help improve the absorption rate of non-hemoglobin iron.

|Can’t eat persimmons on an empty stomach?

The stomach is in a highly acidic environment on an empty stomach. For example, some proteins are more likely to clot, and when they encounter a lot of tannins, they are more likely to form hard clumps, so eat persimmons on an empty stomach, It is true that the risk of gastrointestinal distress is relatively high, but the key is quantity.

|Can’t persimmon be eaten with xx?

Many people will introduce many hazards of persimmons, such as what not to eat on an empty stomach and eat with the skin. This is indeed something to pay attention to, the risk is relatively high.

However, what the so-called “can’t eat with crab, goose, can’t eat with kelp, octopus, can’t eat with wine, can’t eat with sweet potato, just eat it. Vomiting, life-threatening, poisoning, diarrhea, abdominal distension…” is an exaggeration of individual experience, and it is still necessary to make rational judgments based on your own situation.

As long as you don’t eat too many persimmons at one time, you can eat them with whatever you are healthy.

The so-called food restraints are not credible, we don’t need to spend our energy on learning about various food restraints, but think more about how to make our daily food intake Let’s have a wider variety of food.

Soft persimmons, dried persimmons, crisp persimmons, creamed persimmons, large tomato persimmons, what kind of persimmons do you like the most?

Editor: Wan Wan Jin Jin

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