Two phenomena appear after drinking, or it means that you are not suitable for drinking, so quit the bar as soon as possible

Drinking for more than 20 years has resulted in two types of cancer!

Mr. Zhang is 53 years old this year. He is very burly from Shandong, and he is also very forthright. His biggest hobby is drinking. For more than 20 years, he has been drinking almost every day. It can be said that Mr. Zhang is addicted to alcohol. While drinking, he has been paying attention to his own health problems, and has the habit of physical examination every year.

After a gastrointestinal endoscopy 3 years ago revealed the presence of precancerous lesions in the esophagus, he undergoes a gastrointestinal endoscopy every year. During the examination this year, it was found that there were precancerous lesions in his esophagus and hypopharynx at the same time, and he was suspected to have two types of cancer. Subsequent examinations confirmed that Mr. Zhang suffered from hypopharyngeal cancer and esophageal cancer. Since the two lesions are very close to each other, the treatment is very difficult. It is very likely that it will affect the quality of life of Mr. Zhang in the future.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Zhang regretted it a lot, but it was too late… The long-term drinking habit was the main “culprit” of his cancer!

1. Lancet study: a small glass of wine a day is enough to drink 100,000 a year Case of cancer

Many people in life hold the attitude of having a good drink and think that a small amount of drinking will not threaten their health. In fact, this idea is very wrong. A study published in The Lancet Oncology found that one or two drinks of are directly related to new cancer cases. Even drinking <10g per day is responsible for at least 41,300 new cancer cases.

Alcohol can cause great harm to all parts of the body:

1. Injuring the throat

The oral cavity is the first “checkpoint” for alcohol to enter the human body. People who drink for a long time will have an increased risk of dysgeusia. The risk of developing oral and throat cancer is more than 2 times higher than normal.

2. Injury to the esophagus

Alcohol will cause significant damage to the esophageal mucosa

2. span>Corrosion,The esophagus needs to be repaired after the mucosa is corroded. In the process of continuous repair, errors may occur that cause gene mutations, and then induce esophageal cancer.

3, hurts the stomach

Excessive drinking can easily induce acute gastritis, and then continued heavy drinking can cause severechronic gastritis and gastric ulcer< span>When other diseases occur, the risk of stomach cancer will also increase.

4. Liver damage

Alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver after entering the body. Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to functional damage to the liver, and the reduced ability to detoxify can easily lead to a decline in the body’s immunity, resulting in the occurrence of alcoholic liver and fat. The risk of liver, other diseases, and tumors also increases.

Drinking is a great threat to health, especially for some people who have two symptoms after drinking, indicating that alcohol causes more harm to the body.

2. These symptoms appear when drinking, or it means that you are not suitable for drinking, so quit drinking as soon as possible

1. Blush when drinking

Blushing when drinking alcohol is actually a manifestation of the body’s alcohol intolerance, < /span>Professor Liming Li from the School of Public Health, Peking UniversityA study published in the International Journal of Cancer pointed out that People with low levels of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) in the body tend to blush even after drinking a small amount of alcohol.

ALDH2 is an enzyme responsible for removing acetaldehyde in the body. When its activity is too low, the body cannot remove acetaldehyde in time after drinking alcohol. People experience uncomfortable symptoms such as flushing, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat, and the risk of esophageal cancer increases significantly after drinking too much alcohol.

2. Rash on the body when drinking alcohol

For people allergic to alcohol, in contact with Symptoms such as rash, itching, flushing, and difficulty breathing may appear after alcohol, and even shock and poisoning may occur in severe cases. Some scholars have conducted a survey on the residents of the Mainz region, the German wine producing area, and found that the proportion of wine intolerance reached 7.2%, and these people will have a series of allergic reactions after drinking.

There are many such people in life who know that drinking is harmful to health, There are also thoughts of quitting drinking, but they still fail to quit drinking many times, which may be because they suffer from alcohol dependence.

Third, why are there always people who can’t stop drinking? Strong alcohol dependence requires prompt medical attention

Long-term drinking can lead to physical addiction, which is clinically called “alcohol dependence”, from biological From a scientific point of view, the reason for suffering from alcohol dependence is that alcohol affects the reward pathway in the brain, which will manifest as alcohol dependence in behavior. There are also studies that suggest that alcohol dependence is related to genetics, gene expression and other factors.

Li Xianhong, a second-level psychological counselor at the Psychological Counseling Center of the 371st Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army pointed out that alcohol dependence patients People often have three symptoms:

1. When you don’t drink alcohol, you will feel empty and gloomy. These symptoms will disappear after drinking.

2. The patient’s alcohol consumption will gradually increase, and often drink to unconsciousness.

3. After stopping drinking, symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, disturbance of consciousness, coma, and even death may occur.

For patients with alcohol dependence, alcohol abstinence therapy is needed, which can fundamentally solve the problem. Patients with mild to moderate severity can receive outpatient treatment, while some more severe patients require hospitalization. After achieving a certain curative effect, they can be considered for rehabilitation treatment.

In addition, it should be reminded that it is not recommended for alcohol-dependent people to abstain from drinking alcohol suddenly. Such people are psychologically and physically sensitive to alcohol Very strong dependence. Sudden withdrawal from alcohol can easily lead to insanity such as shaking hands, talking nonsense, and even coma and dying. It is recommended that people with alcohol dependence should stop drinking under the guidance of a professional doctor, not blindly.

Alcohol is not good for our health, it is recommended to have a drinking habit Some people who are suspected of alcohol dependence should go to the hospital for examination in time, and stop drinking under the guidance of a doctor. #HealthTrue Knowledge Plan#


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