In high temperature days, pay attention to these points when using heatstroke prevention medicine

Modern Express News (correspondent Liu Min, reporter Mei Shuhua) has entered the middle of the season in a blink of an eye, and continues to “broadcast” in high temperature days, and heatstroke prevention has become a compulsory course for everyone, especially It is a group of people who have been physically active in a hot and hot outdoor environment for a long time, and they need to prepare some heatstroke prevention drugs. Recently, a reporter from Modern Express interviewed Hou Qian, an attending physician in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, and gave advice on the use of common heatstroke prevention drugs.

Huoxiangzhengqi series of drugs

Hou Qian introduced that Huoxiangzhengqi powder came from the “Taiping Huimin Heji Jufang” in the Song Dynasty. Chenpi, Poria, basil, etc., have the effects of relieving external dampness, regulating qi and neutralizing, and mainly treats colds caused by exogenous wind-cold, internal dampness stagnation or summer heat and summer dampness, gastrointestinal colds, etc. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. When people are tired, weak and cold, the spleen and stomach are wet, and they have headache and chest tightness, soreness, poor appetite, and even nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. You can take Huoxiangzhengqi series of drugs. , such as Huoxiangzhengqi oral liquid.

However, it should be noted that children, pregnant women, and lactating women should use it with caution, and the elderly, infirm, and chronically ill patients should take it under the guidance of a doctor. During the period of taking the medicine, it is advisable to have a light diet, and it is not advisable to take nourishing Chinese medicine. In addition, the excipient of Huoxiangzhengqi water is ethanol. Those who are allergic to alcohol and drivers should use Huoxiangzhengqi water with caution, and other dosage forms of Huoxiangzhengqi can be selected.


Rendan is mainly composed of menthol, borneol, camphor and other aromatic herbal medicines. Headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, acclimatization and other similar symptoms of aura of heatstroke caused by high temperature. The method of taking is 10 to 20 capsules at a time, with or without warm water.

It should be noted that while taking Rendan, it is not advisable to take nourishing traditional Chinese medicine, pregnant women should use it with caution, and children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases should take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Ten Drops of Water

Ten Drops of Water is made from camphor, rhubarb, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, dried ginger, etc. Dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms caused by heat stroke. The dosage is 2-5 ml at a time, and children should reduce it.

It should be noted that its excipient is ethanol, and it should be used with caution by people allergic to alcohol, drivers and pregnant women. Children and the elderly and infirm should use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Hou Qian introduced that the signs of heat stroke include dizziness, headache, thirst, sweating, general fatigue, palpitations, inability to concentrate, incoordination and other symptoms, normal or slightly elevated body temperature and other symptoms , may also appear flushing, profuse sweating, rapid pulse and other manifestations. If the body temperature rises above 38.5 ℃, this is mild heat stroke. If the patient suffers from drowsiness, convulsions, unclear consciousness, etc., it is likely to be a severe heat stroke, which may damage the brain, heart, liver, kidney and other internal organs, which is life-threatening. Once found, the patient should be sent to the hospital in time. Heatstroke is an emergency that seriously endangers human health and life. Once heatstroke occurs and cannot be treated in time, the disease often develops rapidly, which needs to be paid great attention to.

Experts recommend: Traditional Chinese medicine tea for relieving heat

1. Black plum and tangerine peel licorice tea

Materials: 50 grams of black plum, 6 grams of dried tangerine peel, 3 grams of licorice, appropriate amount of rock sugar .

Method: Put the above three flavors into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it, add rock sugar, and mix it into a moderate sweetness. Such as diabetic patients can replace the rock sugar with xylitol, the taste is also good.

Efficacy: Acid can reduce astringency. Eat more acidic foods in summer to help consolidate the surface and prevent sweating and prevent qi and yin from being consumed. The sweet and sour ebony tangerine peel licorice tea, appetizing and dampening, is suitable for the public to drink frequently in summer.

2. Watermelon Cuiyi Tea

Materials: Wash and sun-dried green watermelon peel, a small amount of rock sugar.

Practice: Make tea with 10 grams of watermelon cuiyi, and add a small amount of rock sugar to taste.

Efficacy: After washing and drying watermelon rind, it is a traditional Chinese medicine called watermelon cuiyi, which can clear heart fire. In summer, some people have symptoms such as swelling and pain on the tip of the tongue, oral ulcers, and upset heart. They can drink this tea, and the effect is very good. However, it should be noted that people with spleen and stomach deficiency should not drink it.

3. Sandou Drink

Materials: 30 grams of coix seed, 30 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of red bean, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Practice: Wash all the ingredients and put them in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, cook on low heat, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and eat.

Efficacy: Sandouyin has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. It is suitable for frequent use in summer, and children can also drink it with confidence.

(Modern Express All Media)