True | “Xie Xian and Cecilia Cheung are officially announced together” is purely a rumor

Verified by: True Team

Recently, a chat record and two screenshots in it have been widely circulated on the Internet. The content is “Cecilia Cheung and Xie Xian are officially announced together, and all the property is left to the woman” and “Cecilia Cheung’s third child” The life experience was finally exposed, (Nicholas Tse) son became his younger brother overnight.” The screenshots are suspected to have photos of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse’s father, Xie Xian, in close contact.

After investigation, the screenshots in the online chat records are all from YouTube videos, and the account names are “Hwang Seise” and “Hong Kong Daily” (some self-media who disseminated the screenshots said “Hong Kong media”). However, when you open the specific video content, you can find that the two videos, which are more than 8 minutes and more than 13 minutes long respectively, do not have the content in the title and cover, but just piece together some relevant gossip materials, the so-called “official announcement together”, “” Life experience is finally exposed” is not reflected in the video, it is purely a headline party-style rumor.

The most important reason why this screenshot is widely spread is probably the two “suspected intimate photos of Cecilia Cheung and Xie Xian”.

It can be seen through the reverse check of the picture that the woman in the first “intimate photo” is indeed Cecilia Cheung, but the man in it is a young foreign man, not Xie Xian. This photo was taken in 2005, and the media said that the man was Cecilia Cheung’s then Dutch boyfriend Jeroen.

As for the second “intimate photo”, it can be seen from the reverse inspection of the picture that the man in it is indeed Xie Xian, but the woman he hugs is not Cecilia Cheung, but actor Zhang Wenci. The photo was also taken in 2005, on the set of “Love in the Night Central”.

To sum up, the so-called “Xie Xian and Cecilia Cheung are officially announced together” is purely a cover fraud, headline party, and a rumor without any evidence.