The 13th senior care community has landed in Nanning, Guangxi, and Taikang has created a “land cruise” version of the sojourn

The 88-year-old Mr. Wei has just suffered a major blow – in April this year, his wife who had been with him for more than 60 years passed away.

Mr. Wei is a native of Guangxi. He participated in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. After his demobilization, he has been managing the largest state-owned forest farm in Guangxi. After his wife left, he was depressed for months. The three children saw it in their eyes and were anxious in their hearts. Everyone agreed that instead of letting their father see things and think about people in the old house, it would be better to change their residence and live in a different way.

After a survey in the urban area of ​​Nanning, they chose Taikang Home·Guiyuan. The reason for the choice is also very simple. The environment, facilities and services are not to be mentioned. More importantly, there are enough cultural and recreational activities here to make the old man’s life more lively.

After waiting for several months, on September 28 this year, Taikang Home Guiyuan officially opened, and Mr. Wei became one of the first elderly people to live in the park. When talking about his expectations for his future life, the senior engineer, who has retired for nearly 30 years, said, “I still want to study, learn some foreign languages, learn some calligraphy, and if conditions permit, it is best to learn to sing and exercise.”

International standard high-quality senior care community

Taikang Home Guiyuan is located in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is the 13th pension community opened by Taikang Insurance Group.

The Guiyuan project has a total investment of more than 2.7 billion yuan, with an above-ground construction area of ​​235,000 square meters. It can provide about 2,000 elderly care units, providing elders with independent living, assisted living, professional care and memory. One-stop continuum of care.

Walking in Guiyuan Garden is full of tall and short trees and large lawns, with a very high degree of greenery. It is especially worth mentioning that in the northeast corner of the park, there is a 30,000-square-meter wetland park, which is like an exclusive natural oxygen bar for the elderly in the park to exercise and walk in the morning. There are no “hidden perks”.

“Guiyuan Garden in Guangxi is the one with the best green landscape among the Taikang Home retirement communities in the country.” Liu Shuqin, head of the joint development of Taikang Home Guiyuan, said that Guangxi has a pleasant climate. , dense vegetation, rich natural and human resources, this feature has been integrated into the construction concept of Guiyuan very early, in addition to planning in terms of natural features, the overall architectural style of Guiyuan is also matched with the local landscape and plant landscape.

For example, the roof of the Vitality Center is undulating, echoing the karst landforms in Guangxi; a large-scale flat-locked roof is used indoors, bringing in the architectural language transformed by the Zhuang nationality terraces; the eaves design It has become a continuous wave form, like a slowly unfolding landscape painting; the north side of the public area is uniformly equipped with floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass, and the private garden of 30,000 square meters can have a panoramic view.

This type of architectural design concept that is tailored to local conditions and highlights quality is extremely rare in retirement circles around the world. Last year, Taikang Home Guiyuan won the winner of the 2021 World Architecture Festival Health and Wellness Project. This is the second international award that Guiyuan has won after the 2020 World Architecture News Awards – the Gold Award in the Future Building Healthcare category.

Yao Bath, Folk Song, Rice Noodle Festival

In addition to the excellent hardware, Guiyuan’s “software” is not inferior.

Like all Taikang homes, Guiyuan provides a “1+N nursing service” model for each resident elder, that is, an exclusive housekeeper and N nursing team members. The role of the housekeeper is somewhat similar to that of a full-time child. The elderly can communicate with the housekeeper if they have any needs or problems. N care teams include medical care, nursing, social work, entertainment, sports, catering, nutrition, logistical support, etc., to ensure that the needs of the elderly are addressed as soon as possible.

Health care is the core issue of the elderly care community, and it is also the advantage of Taikang Home. According to the requirement of a hospital for a senior care community, Guiyuan Rehabilitation Hospital has completed the basic construction. The hospital has a construction area of ​​23,000 square meters, more than 100 beds, and is equipped with 64-slice CT, color Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram and necessary emergency equipment. Officially opened.

The first step of the medical and nursing team of Guiyuan Rehabilitation Hospital is to establish a health file for all residents. What diseases, what medicines to take, and what to pay attention to in diet will be entered into the system. Usually, doctors will follow the standard procedures of Taikang Home and visit them regularly to do a good job in the management of chronic diseases of residents.

In terms of medical diagnosis and treatment, the hospital mainly focuses on the two characteristic departments of geriatrics and rehabilitation, which are most in demand by elders. Cai Guang, head of Guiyuan Rehabilitation Hospital, introduced that in terms of rehabilitation, in addition to conventional rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, they also combined the local characteristics of Guangxi, adding traditional Chinese medicine methods such as Zhuang medicine, Yao bath, Miao medicine, etc. The main service items are to meet the needs of the local elderly.

In terms of cultural and recreational activities, Taikang House · Guiyuan has also made great efforts, with a heated swimming pool, outdoor court, library, audio-visual room and other supporting facilities are readily available. “We not only provide venues and facilities, but also regularly organize activities suitable for the elderly.” Zhang Jing, head of Taikang Home Guiyuan Community, said that this is also a part of Guangxi’s characteristics. For example, other parks may use beans, etc. Games are used to exercise the flexibility of the hands of the elderly, but in Guiyuan, combined with the local cultural characteristics, the dustpan painting (Liuzhou Sanjiang intangible cultural heritage) with higher requirements for fineness is provided.

“We are also considering activities such as folk song competitions and rice noodle food festivals, which are not only in line with the living habits of local elders, but also can establish Guiyuan among so many communities in Taikang Home. features.”

Land Cruise is sailing

Up to now, Taikang Home Guiyuan is the first retirement community of Taikang Insurance Group in minority areas, and it is located in Guangxi, which is rich in tourism resources. The dual attributes of residence and tourism.

This has to mention “sojourn”. Sojourn is a unique brand activity of Taikang Home. Relying on the unique brand advantages of migratory bird chains in 29 communities in 26 cities across the country, residents who live in Taikang Home can make a reservation in advance to live in Taikang Home communities in other cities for a short period of time and experience local customs.

It is understood that Taikang Home Guiyuan has sent invitations to sojourn to more than 6,800 elders of Taikang Homes across the country, and the response has been positive. Up to now, many Taikang residents from other places have applied for sojourn to Guiyuan. Everyone especially wanted to go to Bama, the hometown of longevity. In the past, due to inconvenient transportation, accommodation and other problems, the trip has been unable to make it, but after the opening of Guiyuan, they have a safe and secure place to stay.

The needs of these residents are not unique. According to a survey by the National Committee on Aging, the number of elderly tourists in China has accounted for more than 20% of the total number of tourists in the country every year. How to solve the worries of these elderly people traveling, Taikang Family came up with a word: land cruise. Each Taikang home retirement community is a land cruise station stationed in the local area, providing one-stop services such as accommodation, catering, medical care and other services for the elders who come from other cities from afar.

In the sojourn system of Taikang House, after the elders arrive in Guangxi, they can drag their luggage to Guiyuan Garden. After a short rest, they can go to Bama to explore for a few days. After playing tired, come back, rest and then go to Guilin, or other scenic spots. They are familiar with the service here, so it’s like coming home. At the same time, Guiyuan can also access their health records to ensure their medical safety.

At Taikang House, more and more land cruise ships are being launched. Xiamen, Sanya, Suzhou, Qingdao… are all in the plan.

“Into the era of longevity, the elderly not only live well, eat well, but also hope to play well. Since we see this demand, we are willing to use Taikang Home’s nationwide layout and services system to support him,” said the relevant person in charge of Taikang Home.