Triglycerides are either too high or too low! 3 ways to help you stabilize it

Regularly check and understand the changes of various indicators. Some indicators are abnormal, and if they are too high or too low, they will have an impact. You must master methods to promote health, and don’t wait until diseases appear nervous. Triglyceride is one of the substances needed by the human body, but most people will exceed the standard after improper control, and finally make the blood thicker. If you can master the conditioning method and keep the indicators within the normal range, you can get closer to your health.

1 , Diet properly every day

The unstable level of triglycerides stems from the development of bad living habits. Loss of balance can easily lead to various diseases, among whichHyperlipidemia, gradual atherosclerosis of blood vessels, and thrombosis are all related to high triglyceride levelsOf course, if the level is lower than normal, it will cause< /span>Liver disease, thyroid disease etc, so don’t be careless.

In the process of conditioning, master correct diet methods, balanced nutrition, regularity, and attention to food Rich in variety, while staying away from those high-calorie foods, under the premise of proper diet to protect Digestive system, at the same time can maintain the normal indicators.

2. Have enough exercise

< p data-track="6">In order to stabilize triglyceride levels, healthy exercise must not be left behind. Insist on having enough exercise every day, exercising for half an hour has many benefits, it can improve immunity while maintaining circulation and good metabolism. In the process of continuous circulation, blood, nutrients, etc. can be provided to the place where it is needed in time, so as to ensure that the blood vessels are unblockedand it is not easy for the blood to stick and block the passage of certain parts .

In addition, the metabolic rate is accelerated, and calories are consumed during the continuous metabolic process, allowing excess energy to be used, thereby maintaining a stable weight and avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body . Some people lack exercise for a long time, and their basal metabolic rate drops, and they will gradually accumulate fat substances, and finally be fat and cause various problems. It can be seen that exercise plays an important role in promoting health.


3. No smoking or drinking

If you resolutely do not smoke or drink, your health will be guaranteed. Many people’s disease invasion in life stems from the inseparability of tobacco and alcohol. Smoking and drinking in a short period of time seem to be harmless, but this effect is accumulated and gradually emerges.

Drinking alcohol for a long timeThe liver and stomach will be damaged to varying degrees, and it will also affect blood pressure changes , accelerate vascular disease. The complex components of tobacco will increase the prevalence of cancer, and also accelerate the blood vessel invisibly Atherosclerosis, follow-upserum cholesterol, triglycerides levels exceed the standard, easy to build up in the blood vessel wall thrombosis and fall off. The correct way is to resolutely not smoke or drink alcohol, even avoid second-hand smoke environment and food with alcohol.

It can be seen from this, GanExcessive levels of triglycerides have become the trigger for the invasion of many diseases, and have a wide range of impacts on health. To adjust, you might as well start from the above points, eating properly, exercising properly, quitting smoking and drinking, if you can do it well, it’s not just about regulating glycerin Triester levels, other indicators will be more stable.