Frequent insomnia may be related to the five internal organs. Only after understanding can the five internal organs be adjusted accordingly to get rid of insomnia

Everyone hopes that their body will always be healthy and healthy, that they will have enough sleep and food every day, and be full of energy. But not everyone can sleep well every day. Many people sometimes suffer from insomnia at night because of staying up late;

Some people suffer from insomnia at night because of abnormalities in their five internal organs. So, what is the relationship between the five internal organs and sleep? And how should I regulate my five internal organs so that I can smell better when I sleep at night?

With the passage of time, a constitution of yin deficiency will be formed.

I usually feel very tired and want to lie in bed to sleep, but I can’t fall asleep, or I always have nightmares, and I don’t have any energy when I wake up.

Not only that, but also memory loss, sometimes headache, dizziness, etc., and pale complexion.

Insomnia and nightmares are caused by heart problems. The principle of treatment can be nourishing the mind and nourishing the heart and yin. You can cook a porridge with longan, lotus seeds, and red dates. You can drink it once a day to achieve the effect of health preservation.


2. Chest tightness causes insomnia because of the spleen and stomach

Everyone’s spleen and stomach function is very important, when our spleen and stomach function is abnormal , can cause symptoms such as bloating and pain, indigestion, and spleen-stomach disharmony, and also affect our sleep quality. People with poor spleen and stomach should mainly calm the nerves and eliminate food.

When eating at night, try to finish eating before 7 o’clock. The diet should be light and easy to digest. It is best not to eat peppers and potatoes that are easy to cause flatulence. You can take a walk after dinner. You can go back to shower and sleep.

3. Irritability and insomnia is caused by the liver

When the liver is suddenly awakened from sleep, this will lead to a poor mental state. Physical weakness, pale complexion, pale tongue, dry eyes, etc., which indicate that insomnia causes liver blood deficiency, such people can choose to drink Suanzaoren soup;

If you are stressed, you can choose sour plum and kiwi fruit Or lemon to reduce stress; people with strong anger tend to have dry mouth, so drink plenty of water and eat more water-rich fruits. In addition, it can also soothe the nerves of the liver with rose date seed tea or lavender tea.


4. Weakness causes insomnia because of the kidney

If there is a chronic disease, and the body is easily tired, people with weak constitution are also prone to insomnia, and It is also very restless when sleeping, which shows that there is a problem with the kidneys;

So this kind of people should focus on nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys, and you can put an appropriate amount of wolfberry and yam in the pot to cook porridge , can achieve the effect of calming the nerves and helping sleep, and can also nourish the kidney deficiency.

5. Illness causes insomnia because of the lungs

When a person is sick, his body is very weak, and his mood is very depressed, and his mood is easily disturbed. People with lung heat tend to have dry mouth and stones;

The urination time is short and the body is hot. It is best for this kind of people Go to the hospital for a physical examination first, and then treat it. After you come back, you can eat more raw pears, black fungus or carrots to help reduce fever.

Therefore, if you want a good sleep, you must adjust your internal organs to relieve the pain In the state of insomnia, we can also choose to exercise to promote our sleep; or we can massage our acupuncture points, which is beneficial to promote our sleep; drinking a cup of warm pure milk before going to bed at night can also help sleep.