Traditional Chinese medicine treats “strange disease”: 28-year-old knee joint deformed, headache hits the wall, and can only sleep when knocked unconscious

Staying at home in 1991, Shaanxi The son of a friend in Xiaocai Village, Gu City, Weinan City, had a strange disease, and he couldn’t heal for a long time, so he asked me to see him.

After asking about the child’s illness from the age of 18 to more than 10 years, he was on crutches, his knee joints were deformed, painful, he had a splitting headache at night, and painkillers were ineffective, so the child hit his head against the wall. It was very painful to be able to fall asleep after being knocked unconscious.

He has been treated in Xi’an Central Hospital, Xi’an Red Cross Hospital, and the rheumatoid department of Xi’an Fifth Hospital. The Red Cross Hospital diagnosed it as rheumatic bone disease, and the Fifth Hospital of Xi’an City diagnosed it as rheumatoid disease. After ten years of intermittent treatment, it was still effective at first, but the result was repeated attacks.

My parents were sad and weeping. I tried a lot of folk remedies and proven remedies, but they didn’t work. Seeing that the child grew up day by day, but the pain became worse day by day, his body became thinner, and he couldn’t eat well. The whole family was really worried.

Although the medicine is effective, the pain is still the same

Observation: pale complexion, listlessness, chills , loose stools, weight loss. Because of the lack of muscles, sitting or lying down for a long time, the whole body will be painful, and the rain will be heavier on cloudy days. Pale red tongue, white and greasy fur, cyanosis of sublingual veins, cyanosis of lips, deep and slow pulse, and inability to take double feet.

Syndrome differentiation: Spleen and kidney yang deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood.

Treatment principles: warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen, tonifying qi and blood.

Prescription: Sunburned Astragalus 30g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Chinese yam 30g, psoralen 15g, fried three immortals 30g, angelica 15g, Caulis Spatholobus 30g, rehmannia glutinosa 15g, antler gum ( Smelting) 12g, Paojiang 10g, Cinnamon 9g, Ephedra 10g, White Mustard Seed 20g, Asarum 8g, Licorice 6g.

7 doses, 4 pieces of ginger and 8 pieces of jujube are cited. One dose per day, two decoctions per dose, divided into morning, noon and night.

After seven days of follow-up visit, the patient’s food intake increased, his chills improved, and he had a smile on his face, but the pain remained the same.

The patient’s father also asked about the medical history in detail. The patient’s father said that the child’s grandmother had tuberculosis, and the grandmother took the grandson to feed the child mouth-to-mouth. Cao accidentally cut his calf, and then applied dry soil to stop the bleeding.

After listening to this past history, my eyes suddenly lit up.

There is both a history of infection and a history of trauma. Is it bone tuberculosis? Now that rheumatoid disease has been diagnosed, why has it not been effective after 10 years of treatment? It has been treated in three major hospitals in Xi’an. How could it be effective at first, but then become serious? The child has a severe headache every night from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the morning. Is it tuberculous headache?

Mom and Dad said happily: This child is saved.

So I decided to treat bone tuberculosis during the follow-up visit. Body of the tongue is light red, fur is thin and white, stringy and slow pulse, heavy pulse thready.

Syndrome differentiation: spleen and kidney yang deficiency, bone consumptiveness and brain.

Therapeutic principles: warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen, resisting tuberculosis and removing blood stasis.

Prescription: Codonopsis 15g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Chinese yam 30g, Poria cocos 30g, Rehmannia glutinosa 15g, Rhizoma chuanxiong 30g, drynaria fortunei 30g, centipede 2 pieces, earth element 15g, cat’s claw 30g, deer horn glue (melted) 15g, paojiang charcoal 10g, white mustard seed 30g, Morinda officinalis 20g, Panax notoginseng 15g, Aconitum aconitum 30g, sunburst 9g, licorice 9g.

7 doses, take each dose for two days, three times a day, 250 ml each time.

Half a month later, the patient came in and shouted: “Uncle Zhang, my headache and leg pain are much better, and I can sleep for 4 to 5 hours at night, and I don’t have to bang my head against the wall.” The patient The parents also said happily: “This child can be saved.”

Practice has proved that bone tuberculosis treatment is effective. Red tongue, thin white fur, sublingual vein cyanosis relieved, thready and delayed pulse.

Syndrome differentiation: spleen and kidney yang deficiency, bone consumptiveness and brain.

Therapeutic principles: warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen, resisting tuberculosis and removing blood stasis.

Prescription: Yam 30g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Codonopsis 20g, Poria cocos 30g, Morinda officinalis 20g, fenugreek seeds 15g, angelica 15g, Chuanxiong 30g, paojiang 10g, white mustard seeds 30g , antler glue (melted) 15g, drynaria 20g, earth element 15g, centipede 2, panax notoginseng 15g, pangolin 12g, aconitum 30g, asarum 10g, licorice 6g, cat’s claw 30g.

Because of the busy farming season, family members requested to take more days, so 30 doses were prescribed, each dose was taken for two days, 3 times a day, 200 ml each time.

Two months later, the patient had a follow-up visit, and the patient gained weight, his face was rosy, and the pain was obviously relieved. Only the rain was repeated on cloudy days, his appetite increased, his spirits were high, and he liked to walk around.

After six months of follow-up visit, I no longer use crutches

In order to facilitate the patient to take the medicine, the family members asked to prepare honeyed pills. Bright red tongue, sublingual blood stasis, nodules disappear, thin white fur, red tongue, thready and slow pulse, and strong Shuangchi pulse. The effect is not more square.

Syndrome differentiation: Spleen and kidney yang deficiency, bone tuberculosis and brain.

Therapeutic principle: warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen, resisting tuberculosis and removing blood stasis.

Prescription: Raw Astragalus 120g, Codonopsis 40g, Yam 50g, Psoralen 40g, Atractylodes macrocephala 30g, Poria cocos 50g, Morinda officinalis 40g, Ligusticum chuanxiong 40g, Drynaria drynaria 50g, 45g Tuyuan, 15 centipedes, 40g Panax notoginseng, 40g Baibu, 60g cat’s claw, 100g baicalensis, 60g tangerine peel, 45g antler glue, 60g each of keel and oyster, 50g of angelica, 60g of Zhichuanwu, 30g of Asarum, broiled Nuxychnium 15g, licorice 15g.

1 dose, processed honeyed pills, 10g per pill, 3 times a day, 2~3 pills each time.

After taking the pills for more than three months, the patient can stand for a while without crutches. He no longer has headaches at night, and his joint pains are much relieved when it is cloudy or rainy. The curative effect is reliable, and another pill is prepared according to the original prescription.

Ask me half a year laterGo see him again. I have gained 8 catties, gained a lot of weight, and love to talk and laugh. She is no longer on crutches and can walk around freely. The complexion is ruddy and the spirit is good.

After my follow-up consultation, I told the patient and family that regardless of Western medicine or Chinese medicine anti-tuberculosis therapy, a course of treatment must be one year, and adhere to two to three courses to prevent recurrence.

I told the parents the secret recipe handed down from my family

In order to eradicate Mycobacterium tuberculosis, after the diagnosis, I prepared a dose of pills, and Tell the parents the family secret recipe, let them buy 60 crotons, fry them with soil, wrap them with beeswax melting, swallow 6 crotons once a day, and don’t bite them.

One ​​year later, the patient’s father told me that after swallowing 60 crotons, the patient would occasionally develop large pustules on the extremities or wherever there was pain on the head, and they would disappear without treatment , and it doesn’t leave any scars on the skin, which is very strange.

I said Chinese medicine calls this anti-tuberculosis and detoxification. Explain that the patient’s immunity has improved, and no pustules appear on the patient’s skin after stopping taking croton for one month. After two years of follow-up, the patient recovered.

Recording this medical record, it can be seen from it that a disease cannot be diagnosed solely by laboratory tests, but must be combined with the actual clinical situation. The more important point is to collect medical history data carefully, even one Don’t let go of the little details.

In terms of diagnosis, don’t copy what others say and copy, which will cause great harm. Look, hear and ask, four diagnosis and participation, six meridian syndrome differentiation, viscera differentiation, and triple burner syndrome differentiation. When encountering difficult diseases, ask a few more why…

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