Daily traditional Chinese medicine – honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is the flower bud of honeysuckle, a perennial semi-evergreen shrub plant in the Lonicera family. It is distributed all over the country. The quality produced in Henan is the best, and the quality in Shandong is the highest. In early summer, when the flowers are in bud, they are picked, dried in the shade, and used raw or charcoal-fried.

【Prescription Name】

Honeysuckle, two Flowers, Double Flowers, Erbao Flowers, Silver Flowers, Honeysuckle Flowers, Erhua Charcoal.

【Sex and Flavor Meridian】

Sweet, cold. Return lung, stomach, heart channel.

【Functions and Indications】

This product can be sweet Relief and detoxification, cold can clear away heat and relieve fire, so it is the most commonly used product for clearing away heat and detoxifying, and it is an important medicine for treating heat, toxins, sores and carbuncles. It is light and fragrant, enters the lungs and can dispel wind-heat; enters the heart meridian, circulates the blood, and charcoal can not only detoxify, but also stop bleeding.

1. Clearing away heat and detoxification: used for carbuncle, swollen sores and boils due to heat poisoning, and sore throat. It can be used alone or in combination with dandelion, wild chrysanthemum, and viola for treating sores and swollen toxins. In the early stage of sores and carbuncles, redness, swelling and pain, it can be used together with trichosanthum pollen, Angelica dahurica, pangolin, etc. To treat intestinal abscess, it is often used in the same way as angelica, coix seed, and scutellaria baicalensis. Treat lung abscess and pus, with Houttuynia cordata, reed root, peach kernel, platycodon grandiflorum, coix seed, licorice, etc. For sore throat, it is often used in combination with Banlangen.

2. Dispelling wind-heat: used for exogenous wind-heat, fever and headache in the early stage of febrile disease, dry mouth and sore throat, slight aversion to wind-cold, etc. , often used with forsythia, mint, nepeta, etc. If the external syndrome has been resolved, and the internal heat is blazing and persistent, it can be used with Scutellaria baicalensis and rhubarb.

3. Cooling blood to stop bleeding: used for heat-toxic bloody dysentery, this product can cool blood, detoxify and stop dysentery. , pus and blood in the stool, used alone or in combination with Agrimony, Pulsatilla, Scutellaria, Radix Paeoniae Alba, and Purslane.

In addition, this product can be distilled into honeysuckle dew, which has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and can cure thirst, sore throat, boils and prickly heat Wait for certificate.

【Dosage and Usage】

10~25 grams , decoction, appropriate amount for external use. Severe pyretic toxicity can be up to 60 grams. For pyretic toxin and carbuncle, the dosage should be heavy, and for febrile diseases and fever, the dosage should be light. It should be used raw for heat dissipation and detoxification, and it should be fried with charcoal for cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

【Reference Materials】

“Famous Doctors” “: “Mainly cold and hot body swelling.”

“Materia Medica Supplements”: “Mainly heat toxin, bloody dysentery, watery dysentery, thick decoction “

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “All rheumatism, and various swellings, carbuncles, scabies, red bayberry and various malignant sores, heat dissipation and detoxification .”

Medicinal ingredients: Honeysuckle contains cyclohexanol, flavonoids, inositol, saponins, soft matter, etc.; leaves contain flavonoids ( For luteolin, honeysuckle, etc.), soft; stems contain saponins, etc.

Pharmacology: This product is a strong broad-spectrum antibacterial traditional Chinese medicine, and has anti-influenza virus and inhibition of rust-colored small spore ringworm, etc. The role of skin fungi. It has the effect of reducing intestinal absorption of cholesterol. The soft substance contained in it has astringent effect and can be used for acute enteritis. Diuretic effect.

(The content is taken from the textbook “Chinese Medicine” edited by Yang Yongliang)