Shingles? Give you a dose of pain-relieving decoction, which can dispel wind, clear heat, dry dampness, activate blood circulation, and detoxify

To cut to the chase, I want to talk to you about shingles today.

Herpes zoster, in simple terms, is an acute inflammatory skin disease caused by a virus. Most of the local skin appears erythema, and then most clusters of milia to mung bean-sized papules appear on it, and quickly turn into transparent and clear blisters. These blisters are often arranged in bands, hence the name “herpes zoster”. “. Because of its resemblance to a snake around the waist, it is often called “snake sore”, “zombia zoster”, “snake sore” and so on.

Herpes zoster belongs to the category of damp heat in traditional Chinese medicine. You can see that the erythema on the skin caused by herpes zoster is caused by heat evil; while these blisters on the hair are mostly caused by damp evil.

People nowadays, whether it is work or life pressure, are getting more and more stressful. Mortgage loans and car loans are flying together. Even in the face of the high-intensity work of 996 or even 2007, I have no courage to slack off. After the day’s work is temporarily over, I have to help my children with their homework. It was already midnight, and there was not much time left for myself. When I woke up, it was another busy day. Over time, depressed emotions are difficult to relieve, and depressed emotions are difficult to understand. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver governs catharsis. Therefore, the liver is the first to be affected by prolonged depression. If the liver fails to dredge and ventilate, you will see stagnation of liver qi, which will generate heat for a long time. In addition, the liver is originally a rigid organ. Therefore, if the liver qi is blocked for a long time, it will easily generate heat and fire, and internal heat will breed from this. In addition, the liver governs the blood, and the liver fire enters the blood and accumulates in the skin. Over time, it is easy to bleed out, so the symptoms are erythema on the skin.

So, where does dampness come from? The ancients said, “All kinds of dampness and swelling belong to the spleen.” The main physiological function of the spleen is to transfer the food decomposed and digested by the stomach to the internal organs, and the dampness is sticky and greasy. Healthy luck, water and grain essence cannot be infused into the cloth, and accumulates in the spleen to breed phlegm dampness.

So, to put it simply, herpes zoster is mainly caused by damp heatIf the disease is delayed and the treatment time is prolonged, postherpetic neuralgia may be left after healing.

In addition, the most prominent feature of herpes zoster is pain. Today , and the name of the prescription introduced by you is particularly good at treating herpes zoster when you hear it.——Pain Relief Rushen Soup, from “Surgery Qixuan”.

Pain Relief Decoction: Gentiana, Fangfeng, Cangzhu, Phellodendron, Angelica, Peach Kernel, Alisma, Betel Nut, Saponaria thorn, Cooked Rhubarb.

Expelling wind and dampness: Gentiana, Fangfeng, Atractylodes, Cortex Phellodendron< /h1>

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wind is the root of all diseases. All evils can take advantage of the wind and invade us into our bodies. Therefore, to capture a thief, first capture the king, and to dispel evil, first dispel the wind. Here Gentiana and Fangfeng are first used.

Gentina chinensis tastes pungent and bitter, and the pungent energy can be dispersed, and the bitterness is good for venting. Therefore, Gentiana chinensis is not only good at dispelling wind and evil, but also good at clearing damp and heat, and can expel the damp and heat of the skin and interstitial tissues from the body bit by bit.


Fangfeng, as soon as you hear the name, you will know that it is used to dispel wind. Its taste is sweet and warm, and its warm nature is good at drying dampness. Let me give you a simple example, if the wet clothes we just washed are in a sunny place Drying in the sun, it dries faster, so the warm medicinal materials are good at drying dampness.


Although Gentiana and Fangfeng are good at expelling wind and drying dampness, most of them act on the surface of the skin, so they tend to treat the symptoms. As we said earlier, all kinds of dampness and swelling belong to the spleen. Therefore, drying dampness should be done Invigorate the spleen and stomach to transform the source of phlegm.

We used to say that Atractylodes rhizome is the first to invigorate the spleen, and Atractylodes rhizome should be used to dry dampness.

It should be noted that Atractylodes atractylodes Atractylodis was originally collectively referred to as “shu”, and there was no separate use at first. It can be seen that the two functions are similar, and both are good at invigorating the spleen and drying dampness. With the practice of day by day, people gradually realize their efficacy And divide it into atractylodes andcestrozon, of which atractylodes are damp by strengthening the spleen, and the ostelastics are spleen due to dryness.

Zosialous is mostly caused by damp heat, Therefore, the prescription focuses on drying dampness and clearing away heat, so here we use Cangzhu instead of Baizhu.

Atractylodes Cangzhu

The taste of Phellodendron is extremely bitter, one of the four One of the bitter medicines.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that bitterness is good at drying dampness, so Cortex Phellodendron is especially good at drying dampness. It is used together with Cangzhu, and it is also a basic prescription for clearing dampness and heat-Er Miao Wan.

Cedar cortex

Promoting blood circulation and removing stasis : Danggui tail, peach kernel

Everyone knows that Danggui is an important medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but few people know that Danggui can also be divided and used carefully.

It should be noted that the head function of angelica is good at nourishing blood, and the tail of angelica is longer than that of promoting blood. Therefore, the tail of angelica is used here to dissipate congestion and eliminate the blockage of qi and blood.


Peach kernels are bitter in taste and mild in nature, and they enter the liver meridian blood system, which is the medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis Commonly used medicine,

In addition, peach kernel is also a flavor seed medicinal material, which is rich in oil, and is good at moistening the intestines and laxative, giving evil a way out, rather than blindly removing it from the skin Let it out.


Peach kernel

Promotes water and promotes Qi : Alisma, betel nut

Li Shizhen once wrote in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “To remove water is called diarrhea, just like the diarrhea of ​​Zeshui”. It is talking about the beneficial effect of Alisma on water, just like opening a hole in a lake to release water. It is conceivable that Alisma diarrheaHow fast the power of water is.

In addition, Alisma is cold in nature, so when diuresis is used to relieve stranguria, Alisma can also clear away fire, which not only removes dampness, but also relieves heat. A good medicine for clearing away dampness and heat.


Betel nut is good for promoting qi, it is used here to assist angelica tail and peach kernel Promoting qi and blood to remove blood stasis; secondly, betel nut work also lowers qi and laxative, giving evil a way out.

Betel nut

Reducing swelling and rowing Pus: Saponaria thorn, cooked rhubarb

At the end of the recipe, saponin thorn and cooked rhubarb are used to detoxify, reduce swelling and drain pus.

Saponia thorn

Here I want to briefly talk about cooked rhubarb. Some people may find it strange that rhubarb is not a laxative ? How can it still have the effect of detoxification and swelling?

It should be noted that after rhubarb is processed and matured, its purging effect is much relieved, and the effect of detoxification and swelling is gradually reflected.

Cooked rhubarb

Fangzi has roughly finished talking here, notice, ribbon Although the etiology of herpes is complicated, it is nothing more than the evil of “wind, heat, dampness, and dryness”. Pain-relieving Rushen Decoction is not only good at clearing away heat and dampness, but also has the effect of promoting blood circulation, moistening dryness and laxative. A cure for herpes.

Finally, let me tell you a few more words from my heart. From the perspective of pathogenesis, herpes zoster is mostly caused by inflammation of the liver and dampness of the spleen, and liver depression is the key to the disease. Therefore, healthy living habits are also a good prescription!