“Traditional Chinese Medicine” There are 9 health nests hidden in your body, regular patting can achieve the purpose of health care

There are 9 health nests hidden in your body, regular patting can achieve the purpose of health care.

Don’t underestimate these healthy nests. According to historical records, whenever Empress Dowager Cixi felt unwell, she would massage her eye sockets, neck sockets, waist sockets, armpits and other “health nests”, often receiving immediate results.

1. Ear socket – bright ears, anti-cold< /strong>

The ear socket is located in the depression behind the earlobe. The location of Yifeng acupoint on the human body. Pressing and rubbing Yifeng acupoint can prevent colds and prevent wind evils from invading the body;

Method: Use fingertips to press and knead, and the force of pressing and kneading should be along the Slanted inward, toward the tip of the nose. Press for 3-5 minutes each time.

2. Eye sockets——soothing the nerves and improving eyesight

The eye socket refers to a socket formed by the surrounding area of ​​the eye . The acupuncture points around the eyes are very dense, including Jingming, Cuanzhu, Sizhukong, Chengqi, and Sibai. They all have a good effect on improving eyesight and calming the nerves. Regular rubbing can relieve eye fatigue and improve presbyopia .

Method: Use your fingertips to rub the eye sockets, starting from the upper eye sockets, Clockwise (or counterclockwise) one-way massage of the outer corner of the eye, and then through the inner corner of the eye, the strength should not be too strong, and it can play a relaxing role.

You can also press key acupoints with your fingertips, and press gently. Because the acupuncture points around the eyes are more sensitive and have more blood vessels.

3. Neck fossa——Improve throat discomfort

The depression of the cervical fossa under the Adam’s apple and on the sternum It is also the location of Tiantu point. Long pressing the Tiantu point can unblock the airway, and it can also improve throat discomfort, nausea and vomiting.

Method: Press gently with the thumb or index finger, and at the same time cooperate with swallowing Tianjin. Because the action of swallowing saliva in the process of massaging and kneading can well relieve the symptoms of throat discomfort, retching, and nausea. When pressing and kneading, press hard at a 45-degree angle, and press for 3-5 minutes.

4. Armpit——Broaden chest, protect heart, relieve qi< /strong>

The armpit is where the “Heart Sutra” passes, and there is Jiquan point inside. Jiquan acupoint is the beginning of the heart meridian’s qi and blood circulation. Massaging the Jiquan acupoint can sort out the qi and blood circulation of the heart meridian, and has the effect of widening the chest, regulating qi, calming the mind and calming the nerves. People who get angry easily and people who are easily impatient when things happen can rub their armpits.


① Pressing and kneading method: Cross your hands, palms facing the chest, press and knead 10 times clockwise and counterclockwise with four fingers closed together , to improve lymphatic circulation;

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Then find the Jiquan acupoint, press and knead 10 times clockwise and counterclockwise, you will feel soreness, swelling and numbness. Massage 100-200 times alternately Just once.

Where is the Jiquan point? Cross the upper limbs on both sides, then place the thumb of the left hand under the right armpit and the thumb of the right hand Under the left armpit, where the fingertips reach the top of the armpit, the naturally corresponding part of the thumb pulp is Jiquan Point.

② Paida method:Four fingers together, hands slightly bent, use “empty palm” to pat the inner surface of the upper limbs, from light to heavy, with an even rhythm, until the skin turns red.

Pregnant women, patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and patients with lymphatic metastasis of tumors, do not slap the armpits casually.

5. Cubital fossa—reduce stomach fire and improve constipation

Often patting the fossa of the elbow has the effect of purging fire, because there are acupoints of the large intestine meridian near the fossa of the elbow, often constipation, abdominal distension, or toothache, stomach fire, or wind-heat fever, headache , sore throat, you can pat your elbow.

Method:< /span>

Use the base of the fingers of your palm to pat the outside of the elbow joint, from light to heavy, about 100 times evenly.

However, for those who have been ill for a long time and are weak, it is best not to slap and stimulate too much, and you can gently push and rub the elbow fossa.

6. Leg sockets – relieve back discomfort

The leg socket is the socket after the leg is bent. There is a Weizhong point here. “Zhongqiu” said that no matter it is low back pain caused by wind-cold, lumbar muscle strain, bruises and sprains, you can seek help from Weizhong acupoint, which can relieve low back pain.


When the legs are bent, the midpoint of the horizontal stripes in the leg sockets is the Weizhong point. First rub your palms 20-30 times to warm them up, then put your hands on the back of your legs and cover them for 30 seconds, do 10 back and forth; use your thumbs to press Weizhong acupoint, stay for 3-5 seconds, and relax instantly.

7. Foot socket – tonify the kidney and strengthen the body

The foot socket is the depression when the feet are curled up, and it is also the location of the Yongquan point, which is the first point of the kidney meridian .


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Yongquan point is located in the front 1 of the line connecting the head and heel of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsophalangeal creases on the soles of the feet /3 position. Rub the Yongquan acupoint in one direction with the thenar of the hand until the soles of the feet feel hot, and rub for 5-10 minutes. The strength and rhythm are even.

8. Lumbar fossa—waist discomfort

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The waist fossa is the two small sockets on the back of the waist, which are the waist eye points. Whether it is caused by lumbar muscle strain, visceral disease, or lumbar spine disease Lumbar soreness and low back pain can be relieved by rubbing the waist and eye points. Regular rubbing of the waist can also reconcile the functions of internal organs.

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General Hold an empty fist in your hand, and naturally put it on the back of the waist. The position of the fist is probably the position of the waist.

Put your hands on the back of the waist, Use the heels of our palms to rub from top to bottom until the waist gets hot, and rub 30-50 times. People with inconvenient arms can push and rub with family members.

9. Umbilical fossa – to improve digestion< /span>

The umbilical fossa is also our belly button, which is the divine tower Where the acupoint is located, the Shenque acupoint has the effect of tonifying vitality. People who love diarrhea, are afraid of cold in the abdomen, and even those who are born with weak constitutions can use the umbilical fossa for health care.


When you have diarrhea and cold stomach and need to “replenish”, it is recommended to rub the stomach counterclockwise; those who are prone to constipation and want to lose weight , when you need to “diarrhea”, it is recommended to rub the stomach clockwise. You can knead 100 times each time.

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