“Acupoint Meridian Health Preservation” There is an acupuncture point on the arm, which specializes in treating hemorrhoids, it is amazing

When it comes to hemorrhoids, we often mention such a word “nine hemorrhoids out of ten” , especially in modern life, the food that everyone eats is too hot, there are too many warming and nourishing things, and there are too many nutrients, so many people have this kind of constipation or the burning sensation in the anus during defecation.

In addition, the sedentary Too much time, sitting while driving, sitting when going to work in the office, and sitting while watching TV at home. There are few opportunities to exercise, so the pressure on the pelvic cavity, especially around the anus, makes hemorrhoids more likely to appear.

What should I do when such hemorrhoids appear?

Some patients get hemorrhoids even if they sit I can’t go down, and I can’t even lie down. My buttocks are swollen and painful like needles.

In this case, try rubbing your arm Erbai point on the top to relieve symptoms.
Acupoints for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids: Erbai point. Erbai is two points, and there are two points on the left and right arms.

Acupoint selection method for Erbai point: First, slightly bend the wrist. There are two obvious tendons on the wrist. The tendon near the thumb is called radial carpal flexion. tendon (its function is to allow the wrist to flex); then look at the two horizontal stripes on the inside of the wrist. The first horizontal stripe near the palm and running through the wrist is called the wrist stripe. When bending the elbow, the elbow There is also a horizontal stripe on the inside called the elbow stripe.

Third, there are two wrist stripes and elbow stripes Between them, draw a straight line along the flexor carpi radialis tendon. On this straight line, take the two sides of the flexor carpi radialis tendon that is close to the third of the wrist, which is the Erbai point.

Massage method:

When we press these two acupuncture points in life, it is very convenient to operate with our own hands. Curve the index finger and middle finger on one side, and rub the Erbai point on the other arm with the dorsal side of the bent finger joints.

When hemorrhoids attack, there will be obvious nodular and cord-like sensations under the Erbai point. When such symptoms occur Not only can you press softly vertically, but you can also use your knuckles to do horizontal (up and down) plucking.

After stimulating these two points in this way, there will be cord-like sensations or nodules or sensitive pain If the pain is relieved, the symptoms after the onset of hemorrhoids will also be significantly relieved.

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Erbai point is an experience point , through the extra point outside, combined with Baihui point and Changqiang point, it can also better relieve hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse and other diseases.

Add a small recipe for reference:

Write to the end: I should also get up and move around!

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