Overweight and obese, want to continue to lose weight? See Dr. Liu teach you how to lose weight correctly?

Want to lose weight properly? First of all, you must understand your physical condition. First, what kind of obesity range do you belong to? The second is to see if you know what kind of obesity you are? The third is to clarify whether there are other related diseases besides obesity? …As long as the above are determined first, we can achieve targeted, better and healthy weight loss.

Look, what kind of obesity range do you belong to? Look at the measurement standard of obesity:

▶ Look at the BMI body mass index—that is, weight (kg) ÷ height (m)²;< /u>

If BMI<18.5, it means a little underweight or nutrition Bad;

If the BMI is between 18.5-24, the weight is normal;

If the BMI>24, it belongs to Overweight category;

And BMI between 24-28, it is mildly obese;

And BMI>28 It is classified as moderately to severely obese.

Dr. Liu here reminds everyone that if the body mass index is too large, overweight or obese , we must pay attention!

Of course, in addition to BMI, there is another data that should be paid more attention to as an indicator of obesity:

▶Look at the waist circumference to judge whether you are abdominally obese?

You can use a tape measure to measure yourself or ask others to help you measure. If the waist circumference of men is >85 cm (approximately 2 feet 6 inches), the waist circumference of women >80 cm (approximately 2 feet 4 inches), exceeding this value means that you have abdominal obesity.

Attention! Dr. Liu warned that patients with abdominal obesity must go to the hospital to check the specific obesity type, whether it is pathological obesity or physiological obesity.

If it is morbidly obese, you should pay attention to find out the reason and correct due to treatment. If you are physically obese, you must intervene in your lifestyle and use drugs for weight loss treatment. If it is extremely severe, you may even need to use bariatric surgery to achieve weight loss.

How to lose weight correctly? Dr. Liu tells you ↓↓↓

1, improve from diet:

daily diet with less salt, less sugar and less oil;Eat meals slowly, quit overeating; give up late night snacks, and don’t eat too late; try to avoid or eat less foods with high trans fatty acids such as cream cakes, potato chips, popcorn, milk tea, and fried chicken .

2, adhere to a certain amount of exercise every week:

Exercise at least 3-4 times a week, more than 30 minutes each time, but pay attention to the intensity of each exercise not too high, exercise step by step, just sweat a little.

3, improve from the lifestyle:

< p data-track="21">For example, don’t stay up late every day, let yourself sleep well; relax, don’t stare at the scale every day; sit for a while, etc.

4, if necessary, you can use surgery to lose weight:< /p>

Through weight loss surgery, not only can lose weight quickly, but also can treat obesity and its accompanying metabolic syndrome well, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, multiple Cystic ovary syndrome, sleep apnea, etc., can also significantly improve retinal and kidney lesions caused by diabetes.


In short, want to lose weight? Or is it the right way to go if any weight loss concerns? You can leave a message in the comment area to ask!