Toothbrush bristles should be harder or softer? Tell you the advantages and disadvantages, who is suitable for it

You need to change your toothbrush frequently. How would you choose a toothbrush when you go to the supermarket? Some people say to buy cheap ones, they are all used in the same way anyway, buy a few more and change them. Some people say that buying soft and small ones is more flexible to use and will not hurt the gums. With so many different shapes of toothbrushes, how should you choose?

If you choose the right one, you can make your teeth healthier. If you choose the wrong one, you will still be troubled by various oral diseases after brushing every day. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of soft hair and hard hair.

I brush my teeth every day and still suffer from oral diseases. Maybe I didn’t choose the right toothbrush. Should I buy a toothbrush with soft bristles or hard bristles?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft Hair


The bristles are dense and soft, can produce rich foam, and it is not painful at all, even when brushing your teeth A treat without having to worry about bleeding gums. And the bristles are easy to bend into the gap between the teeth, and the edges of the gums can also be cleaned.


If the dental calculus is very thick, or shredded meat and vegetables are stuck between the teeth, soft hair The strength is relatively small, and it is not easy to brush out. After brushing, it cannot be completely cleaned, and it will take more time to finish.

Who is suitable for a soft toothbrush?

Children’s toothbrush should be soft and not sticky, and those with loose teeth should also have a softer toothbrush to reduce irritation to the gums and improve blood coagulation function Poor friends, to avoid bleeding gums, it is best to choose soft hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of bristles

Advantages: The brush is clean, and the residue and soft dirt in the seam can be brushed off.

Disadvantages: It will damage the gums, cause the gums to recede, and cause pain, damage the surface of the teeth, become pitted, and make stains And pigments are easier to adhere to. Even causing defects, it will be sensitive to cold water and cold wind in the future.

Who is suitable for a hard bristle toothbrush?

OftenSmoking and drinking strong tea< span>People with a lot of tartar

Many people buy toothbrushes according to their own preferences, depending on the appearance or softness Hardness, in fact, you should prepare one for each of the two types of bristles, first brush with soft bristles to reduce irritation and surface dirt, and then Use bristles to focus on cleaning the crevices, the back of the teeth, and the inside of the grooves, and be careful not to rub the gums repeatedly.

People always think that harder bristles are better and cleaner, but they find that they have more problems with their teeth , because it only pays attention to the effect and does not consider safety. In fact, soft bristles can also be brushed clean. The key is to clean multiple times and vibrate in different directions and angles, so as to reduce plaque.

I brush my teeth every day, why do I still have calculus?

Brushing twice a day is already very clean for us personally, but for plaque, brushing your teeth The number of times is far less than the number of times they are formed. BecauseAfter two hours of brushing, plaque will appear again.

When I brush the front and sides, I work very hard, butI brush the tongue and between the teeth very sloppy< /span>, stones will appear after a long time. At the beginning, it was a small amount of stones, only a little on the edges and in the gaps, which were not easy to see and brush. When there is a lot of accumulation, stones of about 1 mm can be seen at the roots of the lingual teeth.

Wait until the stones pile up higher and thicker, the toothbrush can’t brush it off, and the roots of the two teeth are connected by stones Together, and I can’t even pick my fingernails off.

I usually likeeating sweet, sticky food , such as chocolate, glutinous rice cakes, crispy rice cakes, rice cakes, maltose, etc., will also accumulate residues in the gaps between the teeth, which will stick tightly to the teeth and cannot be easily brushed off.

In addition, some people think that brushing their teeth is enough, and they have never had their teeth cleaned and checked , thinking that if the teeth don’t hurt, it’s healthy, and never pay attention to oral health, and finally various periodontal diseases appear.

Use a toothbrush to brush your teeth, but the toothbrush cannot remove stones, try 3 methods, or you can solve the problem of stones

The first method is teeth cleaning, for the calculus that has formed, there is no way to get rid of it, whether it is fingernail or toothpick. To clean it up, the only choice is to wash the teeth, use ultrasonic waves to crush the stones, dig out the stones hidden in the pouch, and clean up all the stones in the entire mouth at one time.

When cleaning, you will find that the teeth are very sour and there will be a lot of blood, and the gap between the teeth will become larger after the cleaning. These are normal Yes, this is the first step in the treatment of periodontal disease. It is like a thorn in the sole of the foot. If the thorn is not pulled out, it will still hurt no matter how many pairs of shoes you change. Ninety percent of dental diseases are related to calculus. Now that the calculus is clean, the teeth are not easy to get sick.

The second method is to floss your teeth after each brushing The device rinses against the gap between the teeth, do not let the residue have a chance to stay, and always keep the gap between the teeth clean and fresh. If there is residue that cannot be washed off, use dental floss to pull it out in time.

It doesn’t take long to clean your teeth once. As long as you start to eat and brush your teeth carelessly, soft scale will form again soon, and eventually you will walk away Going back to the old way, so you need to keep the gaps between the teeth clean and wash them regularly so that you don’t get stones easily.

The third method is to use tooth powder properly, toothpaste is easy to foam and has a more delicate taste, while tooth cleaning powder is granular, its cleaning power Stronger, but because it is inconvenient to use, many people don’t like to use it. You can use toothwashing powder and toothpaste together for better cleaning without making your gums feel uncomfortable.

In fact, toothbrushes are not only divided into soft and hard, but also have various shapes, some are all in one shape, and some are wavy lines. In terms of strength, the cleaning effect of cross bristles and V-shaped bristles is better. It is recommended that you prepare two toothbrushes and replace them in the morning and evening. In short, no matter what kind of toothbrush it is, it is a tool. It depends on how we use it and the correct method to clean our teeth.